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A Test of Love (part 2)

By Lihung

"That's my bitch,” John told his buddies as he hung up the phone.

"Which one....Amber?” asked John's friend Nick.

"That's right,” John replied.

"Well shit dude, you ever gonna bang that fucking broad or what?” asked Dave with a snicker.

It was a fair question, John thought. He and Amber had been seeing each other for about three months now and he hadn't gotten so much as a hand job from her.

For a guy like John, waiting three months was like waiting three years. Women usually pursued him, and once they got him they could hardly wait to service, and be serviced by his massive cock. And who could blame was a full 13 inches when erect, and had the width of a large cucumber.

He was also a very good-looking man. He stood 6’4" and weighed in at 250 pounds of solid muscle. He had a strong, rugged, yet handsome face....a lot of girls said he looked like Paul Walker on steroids. He was captain of the football team and was a lock to be picked in the first round of the draft once he turned pro. He talked a smooth game to the ladies and had all of the necessary tools to back it up.

Usually, if a girl took longer than three hours to spread her legs for him, he would be on to the next. But Amber was different. Not because he loved her or anything, far from it. She was just quite simply the hottest chick he had ever seen. And to top it all off she was a virgin.

John always took pleasure in taking a chick’s it gave him a total alpha-male, marking his territory, type of feeling. But to take the virginity of a woman as hot as Amber....that would be well worth any wait. Besides, he was still banging a couple of chicks on the side, so it wasn't like he was starving for sex.

He was very careful in his activities though. John learned a long time ago that while girls were quick to pleasure a huge cock and balls, they were also just as quick to attack them when they were upset. He never understood why that was, but he knew that he had to tread carefully when dealing with an angry woman.

Like that time Julie confronted him about his cheating ways. While he tried to keep the situation calm, his typical male ego eventually got the better of him and he couldn't help himself when he called Julie a bitch and told her to get the fuck out of his face.

WHAM!! He didn't even see it coming. One minute he was standing tall, proud and defiant, and the next he was a sniveling baby, rolling around on the ground holding his smashed jewels. She had taken him by surprise so her knee caught him square. To make matters worse, he had just taken a shower so his balls were hanging really low, and he was not wearing any underwear in his sweats.

Julie was very sly about it too.....she smoothly inched closer to him with a twinkle in her eye, as if trying to assure him that everything was cool. She then placed her hands on his shoulders and in an instant, drove her knee straight up into his dangling ballsacks. The impact of Julie's knee sent shockwaves of pain throughout his body and he felt like he was going to vomit.

John remembered she was looking really good that night too.

One thing Julie was blessed with was long, lean, pantyhose model legs, and she always showed them off no matter what kind of clothes she was wearing. That night was no different. She had just gotten back from dinner with her parents and was wearing a short, form-fitting black dress, with silky black panty hose that accentuated her long, yet curvy legs.

He even remembered that the last thing he saw, before his eyes blurred with tears, was Julie's shapely legs towering over him as he curled up in a ball.

She had smashed his massive gonads up and into his pelvis with such a tremendous force, that John could not hold back the tears rapidly streaming from his eyes.

He was so afraid that she had ruined him that all he could say when he wasn't dry heaving was, "My balls, my balls!!”

Julie must have felt bad when she saw how much pain he was in, because she immediately kneeled down beside him and apologized. She rested his head on her lap and rubbed his hair and kept saying things like, 'Poor baby, I'm so sorry I hurt your balls' and 'Oh sweetie are you going to be okay?'. She even helped him up and walked him to his bed and then proceeded to give him what was easily the best blow-job he ever had.

There were other instances as well. Like the time he convinced his old girlfriend Cheryl to allow another woman into their bedroom. Everything was going along fine until Cheryl decided John was paying a little too much attention to the other woman.

He was standing up and fucking the other chick doggy style when Cheryl suddenly reached down and grabbed hold of his balls. She was behind him and had both of her hands wrapped tightly around them and was pulling them up with all her might towards his ass. Despite his size and strength, he was truly helpless as Cheryl had him in an extremely vulnerable position. It was the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. She just kept squeezing and pulling his enormous balls upwards with no regard for his tremendous pain.

He and the other girl begged Cheryl to let go of his balls, but she was quite upset and would not oblige. Finally, after many "I'm sorrys" and "I love yous" John managed to talk her into releasing him. But his balls hurt so badly after that he couldn't get a hard-on for a week. He even had to make up a story to tell his football coach as to why he couldn't practice.

After that incident, John made sure any future threesomes, or foursomes, would no longer contain any women who had romantic feelings for him. It was just too dangerous!

After enduring a little more ribbing from his buddies about his lack of progress with Amber, John said his good-byes and headed over to pick her up. When he got close to Kim's apartment, he could see Amber in the distance. It was late evening but the sun was still out, so as he got closer he was able to get a good look at her and what she was wearing.

There she stood looking as stunning as ever. Her golden blond hair was flowing with the light breeze and was actually glistening in the setting sun. She was wearing a tight blue jean mini-skirt, with tan colored, high-heeled, open toe sandals. She had on a tight, open-back, light-pink halter top and was wearing no bra. She had pink lipstick on her lips, and pink nail polish on her fingers and toes.

"Oh my god,” John thought to himself. He had never seen her looking so good. As he pulled into the parking lot with his eyes glued to Amber, he couldn't help but feel like he was looking at Stacy Kiebler....only with bigger tits and a nicer ass!

"God-damn,” he thought to himself, "I've got to tap into that tonight!” He then leaned over and opened up the door.

Amber was a little nervous and felt kind of bad about what she was going to do. She understood where the girls were coming from, but just couldn't stop thinking about how cruel this was. She knew how hard things must have been for John the last three months, and she was very grateful to him for his patience.

Unlike most guys she's dated, he never put any pressure on her for sex. In fact, that was one of the main reasons she fell in love with him so quickly. And now here she was, about to inflict some tremendous pain on this wonderful man that she was deeply in love with.

"But it has to be done,” Amber thought to herself resolutely. The girls were right, if a man truly loves a woman, he should definitely be able to endure one night of pain for her. After all, if they do get married and have kids, she's the one that will have to endure the pain of childbirth. So a night of blue-balls is the least he can do to prove his love.

Inside Kim's apartment, the girls were stirring. "Oh my god, he's here," Katie said excitedly.

"Boy is he in for a rough night," Kim added, "that girl is dressed to kill!"

Julie, still processing what was going, turned to Kim and said, "Kim you are a she-devil, and a brilliant one at that! Do you think she'll really do it?”

Kim smiled and said, "From what I've heard about her, once provoked and with good reason, she has no problem what-so-ever at causing a guy some serious testicular pain.”

"Really? But she seems to sweet and innocent to hurt a man's balls,” said Julie.

"Well, from what I've heard, for the most part she is. But people that knew her in high school say that once a guy upsets her to the point that she attacks his genitals, it would take a bolt of lightning to get her to stop before she is satisfied,” Kim replied.

Kim then proceeded to tell the girls a few of the stories she had heard about Amber. The one that caused the most commotion with the girls was the story of some guy named Brad that apparently tried to date-rape Amber in high school.

Fittingly, that same story was rambling around earlier in Amber's head as she was standing outside waiting for John to come pick her up. Amber really hated thinking about the story, because it brought back some bad memories for her. With a little therapy and medication, she was able to get the memory completely out of her mind, but with what was going to occur with John tonight, she couldn't stop the memory from creeping back into her head.

It was after her 18th birthday and also after the time she had to teach poor Jimmy a lesson. She and her boyfriend Brad had been dating for about two years and she finally felt like she was ready to give him her virginity. She wasn't certain she would do it, but she really wanted to. On the night of the big senior party that was a custom in her town, Amber decided that if everything went well at the party, she would have sex with Brad. She even dressed herself up extra sexy for the occasion.

She wore a tight black leather mini-skirt, with black platform open-toed shoes with 6-inch stiletto heels. She had on a candy-apple red mid-riff baring tank top, and her lips and nails all matched her shirt. Amber knew she looked good because Brad could barely speak when he first laid eyes on her that night. She quickly learned that she may have looked too good, however.

At the party, Brad got really drunk and lost control of his sexual desire for her. After two years of sexual frustration, and a few rum and cokes, Brad decided he couldn't wait any longer to penetrate Amber's virgin skins. He pulled her upstairs into his buddy's bedroom, threw her on the bed, and got on top of her.

She begged him to stop, but he wouldn't listen. Amber didn't understand why he was behaving like this, and was beginning to get frightened at the situation. He was much bigger and stronger than her and she was having a hard time fighting him off. She quickly realized that he was determined to force himself on her, and there was no stopping him. So she calmed herself, took note of the situation and tried to find any opening that could get her out of this mess.

Sure enough, in his sex-crazed state, Brad had left himself vulnerable. Amber noticed that one of her legs was in between Brad's so she had a direct route to his nuts. She didn't take it immediately, however. She knew she would probably only get one shot at this, so she had to make it count. She decided to wait until Brad got his pants down, so that way she would clearly be able to see her target. She also knew it would probably hurt him more if she kneed his naked balls, because there would be no layer of protection to absorb any of the impact of her knee.

When Brad noticed that Amber was not struggling anymore, he released her and focused his attention on getting his pants off. He stayed on top of her, though, just in case she tried to run.

When he finally got his pants off, Amber got a perfect glimpse of his balls. Although Brad wasn't huge, his balls did hang fairly low, and they were also plump and juicy looking. As Brad began slipping his hands down Amber's pants, Amber decided to give him one last chance to stop. Even though her patience had word thin, she did still love him.

"Brad," Amber said softly, "I don't want this. Please stop. I'm begging you.”

"Shut up Amber, this is happening whether you want it to or not. Don't worry though, you'll feel better after I'm done,” Brad said as his fingers began probing Amber's tight pussy lips.

WHAM!!!! Amber raised her knee and slammed it hard into Brad's naked balls. Brad yelped and rolled off of Amber and onto the floor. "You fucking bitch, you kneed me in the nuts,” John groaned.

"Bitch?” Amber replied as she slowly got up off the bed. "You have no idea how much of a bitch I can be, but you are about to find out you fucking asshole," Amber said in a cold, yet soft voice.

"AHHHHH!" Brad yelled as Amber spiked her 6-inch stiletto heels into his back. She then began stomping her heels all over Brad's back in an attempt to get him to let go of his balls so she could get another crack at them.

When she realized he was determined to hold on to his aching balls, she switched up her tactics. Instead of stomping her heel into his back, she slid the heel of her shoe up into his asshole. That caused Brad to scream out and turn over to his back in an attempt to get the heel out of his ass. But he had to release his balls in order to do so.

"Now I got you,” Amber thought as she immediately slammed the heel of her shoe into Brad's newly exposed testicles. Brad screamed in a high-pitch voice as he frantically grabbed at Amber's small foot and tried to get it off of his balls.

Amber was dismayed because he was still a little too strong, so it didn't take him long to pry her foot out of his balls. Once he did, he immediately rolled back over onto his stomach, cradling his aching balls. Amber calmly took off her shoe, sat on his back facing his ass, and once again shoved the heel deep into it. Brad now had a decision to make. While the pain in his ass was horrendous, he knew that if he tried to pry Amber's heel out, he would be leaving his balls vulnerable to attack. Although he tried to hold out, eventually the discomfort became too much for him and he decided he had to get the heel out of his ass.

Amber wasted no time. As soon as Brad let go of his balls, she reached down and grabbed a handful.

"AHHHH,” Brad yelled as he grabbed Amber's hand in an attempt to get his balls back from her.

But Amber was determined. "Let go of my hand Brad or I'll pop your nuts. I swear I will,” she said as she squeezed as hard as she possibly could. Brad tried to fight her but he eventually succumbed to the immense pressure Amber was applying to his balls.

"Okay, okay I'm letting go of your hand. Just please stop squeezing,” Brad yelled frantically as he let go of Amber's hand. But it was too late. Amber's mind was made up. Instead of releasing Brad, she wrapped both of her hands around his balls in a vice-like grip and squeezed like her life depended on it.

"Sorry, but I'm not going to let go Brad,” Amber said in an almost apologetic voice as Brad squirmed helplessly beneath her. "You tried to rape me and now I'm going to make sure you never try to do that to anyone again.”

Upon hearing that, Brad began to panic. Summoning what little strength he had left, Brad made a desperate attempt to get Amber off of him and save his balls. But it was to no avail. Amber had already squeezed all the power out of his body with her tiny hands, and he simply had nothing left with which to fight her off with.

Sensing the impending doom for his balls, Brad drew in a deep breath and screamed out with all his might, "HELP!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!"

No one could hear his screams though. He and Amber were upstairs in a big house and in a bedroom with the door closed. There was also loud music and loud talking going on downstairs as the party kept hopping along.

It was ironic that the very seclusion Brad had counted on so that nobody could hear Amber if she screamed, was now making it so that nobody could hear his screams.

Amber could hear Brad's pitiful moaning in the background, but she was focused solely on popping his nuts. She was afraid, however, that she didn't have enough strength in her hands to pop them with her current grip, so she began thinking of what else she could do. She immediately got the idea of placing her hands around his balls the same way she would place her hands around a dish towel she was trying to wring water out of.

That plan worked to perfection.

As soon as she started doing this she could immediately tell that Brad's seeds were beginning to cave in to the pressure. Amber's grip was so tight and damaging that his doomed orbs had no place to escape. Sooner or later they would have no choice but to explode if she did not stop wringing them like she was. Sensing that it would not be long, Amber increased her pressure eagerly anticipating the sensation of crushing this man's balls with her bare hands.

Brad began sensing the same thing and tried one more desperate plea to Amber. He could tell she was aiming to forever ruin his sex life and the thought of living life with no balls was began to scare the shit out of him.

"Please Amber, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please don't do this. PLEASE,” Brad pleaded. He could not believe what was happening to him. He could feel his nuts beginning to crumble in the soft, yet vicious hands of this petite, angelic looking female who was squeezing the very life out of them.

After hearing Brad's pitiful plea, Amber eased up her grip a little, cocked her head back towards Brad and softly said with sarcasm, "Shut up Brad, this is happening whether you want it to or not. Don't worry though, you'll feel better after I'm done.” With that Amber resumed her vicious wringing of Brad's balls, and made up her mind that she was not going to stop until she heard or felt his balls pop in her hand.

Brad began weeping hysterically and was fervently crying out to Amber for mercy. "PLEASE AMBER, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME. I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!”

His pleas fell on deaf ears though. Unfortunately for Brad, and most other guys that dared to cross her for that matter, there was something about Amber that he didn't know......she had a serious problem with anger. It could even be said that she was a borderline psychopath whenever she lost her temper.

She was able to keep her temper under control for the most part, but whenever she was seriously provoked, it became unleashed and was usually a terrifying sight to behold. Her older brothers learned a long time ago that she was a girl that could only be pushed so far before she totally lost control and became extremely violent. Based on her looks, most people would never even believe it even if you told them. But it was something she struggled with on a daily basis, particularly when she dealt with men. Her shrink believes that her anger problems are a direct result of her father leaving the family when she was very young.

The weird thing about her anger problem was how she always seemed so calm while she was in a rage. She never really screamed or flailed violently about as if she had lost her mind. Instead she was always calm, calculated and under complete control. She was always keenly aware of exactly what she was doing, and she could never stop herself until she truly felt vindicated.

This time was no different. As she squeezed Brad's balls into oblivion, she was very aware of the major pain she was causing him. With her tiny manicured hands, she was going to emasculate this man who tried to rape her and she wanted it to be as painful for him as possible. She was also aware that Brad's life would never be the same. While she would go on to one day have lots of sex with the right man and maybe start a family, he would be forever trapped in shame by what she was going to do to him.

Only after it was much too late, did Brad realize he may have made the biggest mistake in his life in underestimating the fight and uncontrollable rage trapped inside of this tiny woman.......

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Brad screamed loudly before he passed out.

It was done. It didn't make a loud sound when it happened, but it did make a sound. Amber likened it to the sound of a muscle tearing.....more like a snap, than a pop. But there was no doubt that Brad's balls had burst, as they suddenly felt like spaghetti in her hands and no longer had their usual shape or feel.

As Amber sat on Brad, still squeezing his balls with all her might, she began wondering why she wasn't hearing him yell anymore. "He must have passed out,” she thought to herself. She turned her head and saw that his eyes were closed and he was not moving. She then let go of his balls, and turned him over on his back so that she could inspect her work. Both of his balls were severely swollen, and she could even see that her tiny hand prints were still imprinted on them.

As she stood over him, probing his mushy sacks with her bare foot, she could see that they were both extremely discolored. She marveled at how his balls felt like warm oatmeal in her toes as she mashed his ruined sack into the floor one more time to make sure they were completely destroyed.

"What happened next?” Julie asked as she and all the other girls listened wide-eyed and intently to Kim.

"Well I guess when it happened he screamed so loud that someone heard it. It was all a big mess after that....he was rushed to the hospital and they, of course, had to remove his nuts. His parents tried to press charges but the D.A., who happened to be a female, believed Amber's story and wouldn't take the case to court."

"Did Amber press charges on him for attempted rape?” asked Julie. "No. I heard that the D.A. wanted to, but Amber convinced her that Brad probably was stuck with an even worse sentence than jail, since he was now forced to live out the remainder of his life with no balls."

"Damn, that girl is rough,” Julie thought. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought Amber was capable of such a thing as castration. She remembered what Amber said she would do if a man lied to her to take her virginity, but she thought Amber was only kidding.

While Julie certainly understood kicking a sexually aggressive male in the balls to calm him down, she thought of it more as way to escape the situation and call the police, not as a way to permanently destroy his manhood. A man could always change his ways later in life, so she just couldn't see herself doing something so permanent like that unless her life depended on it.

"John had better be careful about how he handles this situation tonight,” Julie said to the girls.

"Hell yeah he better,” Katie added. "I'm starting to feel kind of bad for setting him up like this.”

"How can you say that?” Kim screamed. "That jerk lied to Julie and broke her heart! Who knows how many other girls’ hearts he has broken? That creep needs to learn that just because he has been blessed with good looks and a huge cock, doesn't mean he has the right to go around breaking women's hearts. He deserves any and everything that may or may not happen to him tonight, end of story.”

While Julie agreed with Kim for the most part, she still couldn't help but feel a little bad for the situation the girls had put John in.

Meanwhile, as Amber got into the car, she wasted little time going to work on John. "Hi honey,” she said with a broad smile across her face. She then leaned over, put her hand on his lap, and gave him a kiss. She then slid her hand into his crotch and gently grabbed his balls and began massaging them.

John wasn't quite sure what to make of Amber's unexpected sexual aggression, but he certainly was not going to question anything.

Amber was a little taken aback by what she felt in her hand, as she had no prior knowledge about how big John's nuts really were. He always wore baggy jeans or sweat pants, and although she had always noticed a bulge, there was no way she could have known how huge John was.

"Honey,” Amber said as she continued massaging his balls, "I've been doing some thinking and I think it's time we 'solidified' our relationship tonight and made love."

"Well it's about god-damn time,” John thought to himself as his huge cock began filling with blood. But he kept his cool and calmly said, "That's great baby. Are you sure you're ready?”

Amber, noticing that John's crotch was beginning to inflate, moved her hand from his balls and began gently stroking his enormous cock through his jeans. She then leaned over and whispered seductively in his ear, "I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life. I love you and I'm going to show you tonight. So why don't we go get some dinner and then go back to your place and have a little fun.”

John's cock began throbbing rapidly in his jeans.

Amber, still rubbing it, began to marvel at how full his erection was feeling in her hands. This was one well-hung man she was dealing with, and she couldn't help but get a little aroused herself as she imagined impaling herself on that thing one day. She became so enamored with it that she just had to feel that gigantic mound of flesh in her bare hand. She slowly slid her hand into his jeans and grabbed hold of his enormous cock.

"It feels like a snake,” Amber thought as she felt herself becoming moist.

John still didn't know what had gotten into her, but he was loving every second of this. When they got to the restaurant, John had to take a moment and "calm" himself down before they got out of the car. Amber had continued stroking his cock and massaging his balls the whole ride and he had a very noticeable bulge in his jeans that had to subside a little before they could go in.

When they finally got into the restaurant, John quickly learned that dinner was going to be much the same as the car ride. Only instead of using her hands, Amber simply slipped off her sandals and began using her feet. Her feet were so small that she could comfortably rest them on top of John's huge ballsacks with out causing him much discomfort. All through dinner, she gently ran her toes along as much of John's cock as she could.

John came awfully close to creaming himself a few times, and each time Amber felt it she would stop, look into his eyes, flash him a smile, and then continue on with her teasing.

The car ride home was again much more of the same. Only this time Amber had to see it so she unzipped John's jeans and squeezed his huge cock out through the hole. She was immediately mesmerized by how long and thick it was, and said a silent 'thank you' for whatever twist of fate allowed her to have a man so wonderfully endowed. As her eyes remained fixated on John's throbbing erection, she grabbed hold of it and immediately noticed that her hand was too small to fully wrap around it.

"My goodness John,” Amber said with a look of amazement on her face, "your cock is bigger than my forearm!” She then grabbed hold of it with both of her soft, smooth hands, and began rubbing up and down, paying most attention to the tip of his huge cock-head.

It took all of John's effort to concentrate on the road as Amber relentlessly jerked his cock up and down. He had never felt such a soft and smooth hand on his cock, and he did not know if he could take much more without blowing his load.

But Amber was very keen at knowing how far to go before stopping. She wasn't very experienced at this kind of thing, but she deduced that whenever she felt his already huge member grow even harder and larger, she needed to slow things down. She would usually take that opportunity to grab hold of his balls and do a little massaging on them, before moving back to his cock.

When they finally got back to John's apartment, he was beginning to notice a dull ache in his nuts. He had been rock hard for over two hours, and the constant build-up with no release was beginning to take effect. He knew he had to cum soon and hoped Amber would go immediately to the bedroom with him so that he could use her virgin pussy to stave off the blue-balls that were rapidly setting in.

Amber was very pleased with herself so far. She felt like she had done an amazing job of keeping John rock-hard, and she had a feeling that it would not be long before John's enormous balls were on fire from her teasing.

"Time to step it up just a little bit more,” she thought to herself as John opened the door to his apartment and led her inside.

To be concluded.............

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