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by number2

Steve was an entertainment attorney with a fetish for large breasted women. He was affluent and attractive but sometimes crude and outspoken. He had been with many women in his time but had never found that special one, probably because he was fixated on just one, Dolly Parton. Not a country music lover, per se, he owned all of Dolly’s album and videos and was always first to see any movie in which she starred. So when Steve opened the invitation to the industry dinner that she was being honored at, he became more than excited. Of course he had seen he in concert, many times in fact, but this would be his first, and probably only chance to ever meet her in person. His voice quivered slightly as he told his secretary to RSVP as soon as possible.

The days before the dinner dragged on forever for Steve. He amused himself by pouring over his Dolly collection every night, immersing himself in everything Dolly. Finally the day of the dinner arrived. Steve cleared his schedule for the day and gave his puzzled secretary the day off so there would be no problems getting ready for the evening. He dressed himself in his finest tuxedo, put on just a hint on expensive aftershave and rented out a limo for the night.

He arrived early and tipped the maitre’d to make sure he was seated at a table near the front. He was forced into conversations with industry people he knew but he kept looking at his watch and stealing furtive glance around the room, searching for Dolly. After what seemed an interminable wait, the emcee called everyone to their seats; the show was about to begin.

Dolly came out to a thunderous applause. She was wearing a tight, black floor-length dress, slit up the side and black, 4-inch platform heels. The blouse had fringe on it that showed off her massive chest well. Steve, sitting only a few feet from the stage, was transfixed. He was unaware of what she was singing; he was so entranced by her. She sang, danced and played various instruments for about an hour and Steve barely blinked. Afterwards she was presented with an award and the crowd began to mingle.

Steve decided this might be his only chance to ever meet his dream woman; he had to take it. He watched the stage, waiting for Dolly to leave it, but she was busy talking to others. He tried moving closer but was stopped by some other attorneys he knew before he could get to the stage.

“Hey Steve,” one of them said. “ I thought you hated this kind of thing. I never thought I’d see you here.”

“Yeah, you said you hated country music. What gives?” said another.

“Well, er, um,” Steve fumbled for an answer. He saw Dolly leave he stage and he tried to get past the other lawyers. They held him back, joking with him.

“Where’s the fire, Steve?” one of them laughed.

Steve looked around anxiously. He had lost sight of Dolly in the crowd. He was pissed but tried not to show it, thinking it would be easier to try and get rid of these idiots with some small talk then go look for Dolly.

“Yeah, I don’t really like country music,” he finally replied. “I’m just here for show. You know how it is.”

“Same here,” said the second attorney. “But how about Dolly? What a knockout, hunh? What I wouldn’t give to see those knockers!”

“Me too,” answered Steve jokingly. “Hell, I’d give my left nut!”

“Is that true?” came a warbling female voice form behind Steve. He turned on his heel and there was Dolly, right behind him. Steve was aghast. The woman of his dreams and he humiliated himself before he could even talk to her. The other two attorneys slunk away into the crowd embarrassed for their friend.

“I said ‘Is that true?’” said Dolly before Steve could think.

“W-what? Is what true?” stuttered Steve.

Dolly moved closer to him and almost whispered, “Is it true that you would give your left nut to see my breasts?”

Steve gulped and turned beet red. “Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

Dolly’s hand reached out to Steve’s groin and cupped his balls. She squeezed then gently as if she was buying fruit. “Okay then,” she smiled. “It’s a deal. I’m in the penthouse suite. Be there at midnight.”

She released his scrotum and walked off leaving Steve with a raging hard-on and a puzzled look. Was she serious? Did she really want him to come up to her room? He couldn’t believe his good fortune. He looked at his watch. 11:30. He raced outside and told his driver he wouldn’t need a ride home then stopped at the hotel’s gift shop to buy some flowers for his date.

At 11:55 he took the elevator up to the penthouse suite. He knocked on the door nervously. Moments later, Dolly answered. She was still dressed in her all-black outfit.

“Good, you showed up,” she said, taking the flowers. “I wasn’t sure you’d have the balls for it. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink?”
“Just some water would be fine,” he replied. His throat was dry with nervousness but he wanted to enjoy tonight completely sober. Dolly brought the drink over and Steve downed half of it in one gulp. She showed him to the couch and sat down next to him. Before he could say anything her hand was on his crotch, clutching his package.

“Well I think this’ll be a fair trade,” she drawled as she singled out his left testicle. She began grazing it lightly with her long, red fingernail and Steve’s dick responded appropriately. The fact that her famous bosom was inched away from his face didn’t hurt either. He reached his hands up to cup her breasts and was immediately slapped for his action.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked angrily. “You don’t get these until I get my end of the bargain! Now open up those trousers and show me what you’ve got!” Steve was taken aback by the bluntness of her language but was happy to oblige. He unzipped his slacks and pulled down his silk boxers. His engorged cock sprang out and Dolly seemed impressed.

“Mmmm, that’s more like it.” She began to fondle his nutsack. “I’m gonna have fun destroying this nut.”

Steve pulled back sharply. “What?!? What do you mean ‘destroy this nut’?”

“That was the deal wasn’t it? You said you’d give your left nut to see my breasts. I’m taking you up on it.”

“Wait a second. I wasn’t serious. I’m not giving you my testicle,” Steve replied nervously.

Dolly started to fume. “You’re an attorney, right?” Steve nodded. “Then you know what a verbal contract is. You made an offer and I accepted. That ball is mine to do with as I please.”

Steve began to get scared. He fumbled with his pants in an effort to leave. “You’re a sick broad! I am out of here!” He stood up then instantly fell onto the floor. His legs weren’t working.

“You slimeball lawyers are all the same!” Dolly screamed. “I knew you’d try to get out of the deal. That’s why I took the liberty of drugging your drink. Nighty-night asshole.” Steve lost consciousness moments later.

When he awakened he was tied spread-eagled on the floor, completely nude. He looked around and saw Dolly on the couch, nonchalantly kicking her crossed leg and sipping her drink. He struggled with the ropes securing him, which alerted Dolly that he was awake. She sauntered over to him slowly, swishing her hips.

“It’s about time! I can’t believe how long you’ve been asleep. Almost an hour! Oh well, let’s get this over with. I don’t have all night.” She kicked his penis onto his stomach exposing his balls.

“Please, Miss Parton!” Steve begged. “I’ll do anything you want! Please don’t do this!” Tears were welling up in his eyes as he pleaded with her.

“Shut up!” she responded. “Unless you want to lose both of them!” Steve quieted except for a low whimpering. Dolly kicked playfully at his scrotum causing him to flinch and tense up. Steve’s actions made her giggle.

“Don’t you worry sweetie. I haven’t forgotten my end of the bargain. This is what you’ve been waiting for.” Dolly reached behind her and unzipped her dress. A quick shimmy and it fell to the floor leaving her in only her pantyhose and heels. Jeff’s eyes widened at the spectacular sight. Dolly stood there smiling, her hands on her hips, waiting for the inevitable. Jeff’s cock rose up and Dolly seized her opportunity.

She stamped the sole of her pump down hard on Jeff’s unprotected left nut. He screamed in pain but that only spurred her on. She ground her foot down, smashing it into the thick hotel carpeting. His shrieks of agony were music to her ears; each new one brought a shivering orgasm through her body. She caressed her firm nipples and massive breasts to her own delight. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Steve but in reality was only a couple of minutes, she stepped off him.

She bent down to inspect her handiwork and was pleased to find that his ball had not been destroyed yet. It had swelled a bit and seemed considerably flatter but was still in one piece. She poked it with her fingernail then continued the prodding, seeing how deep she could go. Steve responded with sobbing and wailing. His discomfort, although exciting to her, was beginning to get on her nerves.

She stood back up and turned her back on Steve. He breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the worst was over. When he was relaxed Dolly placed the tip of her heel on his flattened teste. Slowly she increased the pressure, shifting all of her weight downward. Steve gasped for breath knowing what was coming. Suddenly the ball gave way with a loud ‘POP’. Steve went into shock and blacked out as an intense orgasm washed over Dolly. She continued standing on the deflated, pulpy mess until her heartbeat had calmed down.

She walked over to the bedroom, put on a robe and picked up a cellular phone. She speed-dialed her security and told them to come and pick up Steve and put him in a limo home. Before they arrived she autographed a picture for him and left it on his prone form. It read, “To Steve, Thanks for last night. I really had a ball. Love, Dolly.”

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