Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Patty's Welcome Matt

By cyrpent

The next morning Patty was up bright and early, getting ready for a day trip up to the state park. Peggy came in, a bit groggy from the night before, and feeling a bit guilty about the way they had abused him and thought perhaps her sister felt the same way.

"Don't give it a second thought, sis," Patty reprimanded her. "He was out of line, and we didn't do any permanent damage." "I know that you wouldn't hurt him, but I just feel a little bad about it." Patty rummaged through her purse and handed her a couple of capsules. "Here – these will help you relax." Peggy took the pills and within a few minutes was indeed feeling more relaxed.

Leaving Peggy to pack the SUV, Patty bounced up the stairs and opened Matt's bedroom door without knocking. He was lying with his legs spread and a small tent poked up in the middle of the sheet. "Camping already, eh?" she murmured, and lightly tossed the pack onto the bed. The impact of the bag made Matt sit up straight.

"What ...?"

"Time to hit the road! Let's go, sleepyhead!" she chirped. He glanced toward the horribly cheerful morning voice and saw a well-stuffed t-shirt and a tight pair of khaki shorts. Still half in a sexy daze, his cock twitched as his eyes followed the muscular legs down into a huge pair of red Keds. Patty watched the twitching with satisfaction.

"I came to see if you were up; it looks like you are!" she grinned. Matt blushed as his brain finally caught up and he realized there was nothing but a thin sheet between his naked body and his fully dressed aunt.

Patty put a look of concern on her face. "Or are you still on the injured list? Because you don't have to go if you aren't feeling well. Shall I check 'em?" Matt scrambled toward the other side of the bed.

"No, no, I'm fine, really, I'll be downstairs in a minute," he gasped.

"All right then, come on! We want to get there early and get a good table. Oh, and be sure not to wear any underwear," she reminded him as she left. Matt got dressed, still half asleep, following her suggestions without a second thought, and followed her down the stairs.

His mom was already packing the SUV. As always, she made quite a contrast to her sister - for a simple day trip and picnic lunch, she was wearing her newest designer workout suit. Peggy looked like a twig next to her muscular sister. He noticed that his mom was a bit more giggly and clumsy this morning than usual, and wondered about it, but was still a bit afraid to mention anything for fear of more of this new 'punishment' they'd discovered.

As they headed out, Peggy looked down at her outfit and started talking about fashion, which drove Patty nuts. Then she had a thought. She casually made a remark about the old shoes Peggy was wearing, and Peggy looked down at her feet. Suddenly she said, "Turn in here!" and Patty cut across three lines of traffic to pull into the parking lot of the MegaMaxiMart.

"If YOU think my shoes are ugly, they must be REALLY bad!" Patty smirked as her loopy sister dragged them into the huge building and located the shoe department.

When they found it, a girl came up and said, "Can I help you -- oh, hi, Matt." Matt turned around and it was Sue, a girl he knew in high school. She was kind of a loner and didn't have much to do with him; he was as surprised to find her in a commercial dump like this as he was to find out she knew his name. His mom told her what she was looking for and she came back with an armload of boxes.

As she started to kneel, Patty said, "Don't be silly - that's what the boy here is for." Matt glanced at Sue, who was smirking, and knelt down to help his mom try on shoes. Patty noticed the gleam in her eye and asked her if she could help her with something, and they walked away.

Peggy, still high on the mickey, was having trouble keeping her feet still, and it was all Matt could do to get her old shoes untied and put the new ones on. Peggy stood up, walked to the mirror and said, "I don't like these at all!"

Matt groaned, "Those are your old shoes, mom."

At one point she realized he wasn't moving. She said, "Why'd you stop?"

Matt replied, "Well, you're standing on my fingers, mom." She looked down to see his fingers poking out from under her new cross trainers, and started giggling. Eventually he was able to pull his hands free and get the new shoes laced. They squeaked loudly with every step she took, and he winced with every squeak.

But finally she was satisfied and Matt put one hand on the floor to push himself back up. A huge red Ked came down on his hand, pinning him in place.

"Don't get up yet, sport," his aunt said. "I need your help with these," and she dropped a box in front of him as she sat down. She made sure to twist her foot as she lifted it off his hand. Matt heard Sue giggling above him, and blushed. He opened the box to find a brand new pair of hiking boots.

"Can you believe they had 'em in my size?" she grinned.

Sue said, "Well, since I wear a size eleven myself, I make sure we stock a range of large sizes." She sat down next to Patty and crossed her legs, giving Matt a good look at her flats.

Patty nudged his nose with the toe of her Ked. "Hey Romeo! Back to work here!" Matt got the boots out, noticing how heavy they were, and held them as his aunt wedged her feet into them. Patty made sure to catch his fingers under the lugged soles as she forced her feet inside then stood up.

"Not bad. But they aren't gonna lace themselves!" She grinned as she felt him pull his fingers free, amazed at how well she can feel his soft fingers through the thick soles. Patty smiles as she wonders idly how well she will be able to feel softer parts of him. No attempt to help him. Finally the bright red laces were tied, and Matt leaned back as she walked around in them. He almost wasn't surprised when he felt a foot land on his fingers once more, but he was surprised to look up and see Sue's smiling face.

"Your aunt's a very interesting person! See you in class, cutie," she grinned, and went to ring up the shoes.

Finally they were on their way, and Matt was able to relax a bit as they made their way up into the mountains. Even with the delays, they were able to find a picnic table with shade and a good view of the lake. Matt went behind the car to help his mom unload. As he walked up behind her, she was wrestling with the ice chest. Just as he stepped up, she took a step back for leverage. Her foot landed right on his sandal before he could dodge. She put all her weight on that foot and yanked the ice chest free. He saw it coming but the combined weight of his mother and the ice chest kept his foot pinned in place. Matt could only watch as the corner of the heavy box mashed into his loosely hanging genitals.

She turned around, saw him standing behind her with a funny expression, and said, "Don't just stand there, pick up the chest and take it over to the table." She finally stepped off his foot as she closed the hatch. Matt, fighting to stay upright, looked down to see a footprint with the word "Reebok" in bright red letters on his foot.

They sat down to lunch, and Aunt Patty was careful to sit across from Matt. No matter where he put his sandaled feet, sooner or later a heavy waffle sole would crunch down on his toes. At the same time, once his foot was pinned, her crossed boot kicked idly at his shins. However, his balls survived without mishap.

After lunch, Matt decided he needed some time alone and went for a stroll in the woods. It wasn't long before lunch caught up with him, and he looked for a place to answer nature's call. He found a fallen log covered with soft moss and after a quick look around, dropped his shorts. The moss felt cool and refreshing against his balls, still a bit red from his mother's uncanny aim. But before he could relax, he heard a twig snap and the sound of voices. As he jumped up to pull up his shorts, he lost his balance, tumbling backward over the log. Down the hill he went, rolling on a carpet of soft peat to land in a heap of leaves at the bottom. As he tried to clear his spinning head, he heard the voices getting closer. He moved to stand up and realized that his shorts were nowhere to be found. He saw them snagged on a branch above his head, but as he reached for them, he saw a flicker of movement. He panicked, flopping back down on the ground and quickly covering himself up with the leaves just as the first hiker came into view.

Matt was terrified that they would think he was some kind of pervert. As they got closer, he realized they were speaking some foreign language - German, maybe? He risked moving his head slightly to take a peek. They were two of the healthiest young women he'd ever seen. Both women wore tank tops and shorts and carried what appeared to be full size packs. The taller woman wore a heavy pair of waffle-soled hiking boots with thick red laces, and the other woman wore a pair of lightweight hiking boots. They didn't even glance at the pile of leaves that hid Matt, but they were walking very close to him. He held his breath as the first woman walked past him. But just as she was about to pass him, the larger woman said something. The short woman turned to see what she wanted, and stepped right on Matt's outstretched fingers. Matt was fighting the urge to moan or squirm and almost didn't hear the laughter. He peeked up to see that the taller woman had found his shorts! He froze, but although they looked left and right it never occurred to them to look beneath their feet. Finally they walked on. As soon as Matt couldn't hear their voices any more, he jumped up. His shorts were gone.

It was dark before Matt made it back to the picnic site. Patty and Peggy were sitting around the dying campfire, drinking and relaxing. His aunt saw him first, sitting up straight in her camp chair.

"There he is! Get over here, boy!" Matt grimaced but came out of the bushes, holding his hands in front of his not-so-privates. His mother glanced around and started giggling, but Patty didn't seem surprised.

"What have you been up to?" she demanded.

Matt stammered, "I - I had a kind of an accident."

Patty just looked at him for a moment, letting his nerves work on him. Finally she said, "Well, are you okay? Let's have a look," and she grabbed his wrists and pried his hands apart. His bare legs and genitals were covered in scratches. Patty gave them a quick professional examination (for once) and told him, "It looks like you're going to live." She glared at him. "And you had us worried sick! It's been hours!"

Matt looked at his mom, who looked like she was feeling no worry or pain of any kind. "I'm sorry," he said.

Patty smirked. "No matter, but we've got to get rolling. The car's all packed, so get in and we'll be off." Matt quickly climbed into the back seat, grateful to be hidden from the public at last. But as he climbed in, he saw a couple of large backpacks on the seat. Puzzled, he turned around. Behind his naked ass, he saw the grinning faces of the two hikers who had passed him in the woods! Before he could say anything, Patty tapped him on the shoulder from the driver's seat.

"This is Marta and Greta," she grinned. "They found a very strange souvenir in the woods. I had to explain to them that there are a lot of perverts running around in the woods."

Marta and Erika exchanged a glance and said, "Perverts!" and giggled.

Matt was still hunched over, standing in the back seat area. "What kind of a jerk are you?" Patty suddenly yelled in his ear. "Sit on the floor and let our guests have the seat! They need a ride back to town!" Matt quickly sat down behind the driver's seat and pulled his knees up under his chin. Greta, the shorter woman, slid onto the seat, and put her feet under Matt's raised knees. As Marta entered, Matt tried to tuck his feet together, but there was nowhere for him to go, and she didn't appear to even notice that she was putting all her weight on his bare toes beneath her lugged soles. The engine drowned out Matt's groans as Patty started down the hill.

As they drove, Patty began chatting with the two girls. Matt realized that she was speaking to them in a different language. The girls were giggling and passing a bottle around. Gradually Matt began to notice that he was sliding forward on the floor. His naked ass had no traction on the soft carpeting. The bumping was having another effect; he was slowly getting an erection. Matt panicked and tried to clamp his hardening cock between his thighs without being noticed, and was grateful for the gathering dusk.

However, he couldn't stop his inevitable slide downhill, and on the next bump, his ass was pinned against Greta's left shoe, and his nuts, which had been dangling, flopped down on top of her boot. His gasp caused her to glance down at him just as another bump forced her feet to slide. She looked annoyed, but then brightened.

"Why, what a gentleman you are!" she said in heavily accented English. She lifted her left foot, allowing his body to slide down into her right foot. Greta grinned and daintily placed her left boot on Matt's tummy. Her feet were long and narrow, but at least they weren't heavy. He could feel her warm, flexing foot through the thin soles. Matt relaxed a bit, and just then the vehicle hit another bump. His thighs parted just enough to allow his half hard cock to escape. It would have come to rest on his stomach, but Greta's boot was in the way. She glanced down as she felt his cock brush the tops of her boots, and nudged Marta.

"Look what a gentlemen the Americans are! He is offering to me a footrest!" She lifted her foot, allowing his cock to rest on his stomach, and watched his eyes as she stepped down, catching his rubbery tube under her rubber sole. What she didn't realize was that his groans were due to his balls bouncing on the top of her right boot, hidden below his knees.

Even Patty could hear Matt moaning now, and she slowed down and tilted the rear view mirror to get a better look. Her pussy grew warm and wet as she watched the head of Matt's cock poking out from beneath Greta's boot.

Greta asked Patty in German, "Are all American men so well equipped? He is almost twice the width of my boots!"

Patty replied, "No, surely you are exaggerating."

Greta said, "Here, I will show you!" and pulled her right foot out from under Matt's knees. This allowed Matt to slide down further, and now he could feel the hard side of Marta's boot pressing against his anus. Meanwhile Greta slid her left foot down his shaft (without lifting it, because she wanted to prove she was right) and placed her boots side by side.

Unfortunately for her, Matt was not as well endowed as she had thought, and her foot completely covered his dark red cockhead, scratching it with every bump in the road. (From his position, he couldn't see that his aunt was deliberately aiming for every pothole and rough spot she could find and in fact had taken an old road that was both longer and bumpier.)

As she pouted, Marta rumbled, "Well? I can't see it from here."

Greta realized Matt's knees were blocking her view. She leaned way over, incidentally putting most of her weight on Matt's cock, and felt it surge beneath her feet as her tits swung into his view. She quietly whispered, "I suggest that you spread your legs, little man."

Matt gasped and did as she asked. The girls looked down and realized that Matt's nutsack had been bouncing up and down with every bump resting on the steel toe of Marta's boot. Greta grinned and shifted her feet, trapping his rubbery orbs between the steel toe and her soft rubber sole.

Sliding her left foot back down his aching shaft, she told Patty, "See? I told you it was so large!"

Patty glanced up in the mirror and almost lost control of the vehicle as an orgasm raced through her. This was better than anything she could have (or had) planned! After she recovered control of herself and the wheel, she said, "Hm... can you show me how you made it so much bigger?"

Greta bit her lip and thought. Glancing down at Matt, she began stroking her feet in opposite directions, pivoting on her heels. Her left foot dragged the tight skin of his penis toward the head, and he gasped every time her sole hooked the perineum. Meanwhile, her right foot tugged at his ballsack, stretching it out until she could step down flat on Marta's steel toe and trap his aching nuts in a squeezed sac at the end. Marta was impressed.

"I didn't think they would go that far. And he's being so gracious," she smiled, gently tapping the tight little package with her free foot. Her gentle taps felt like an earthquake on Matt's poor balls, and he yelped.

"Sssshhh," Greta cautioned him. She lifted her left foot and placed it over his mouth to keep him quiet, shifting her right boot to pin his cock. Although his view was filled with a giant hiking boot, Matt relaxed as his nuts were freed. Patty looked back and saw her nephew relaxing, and decided that would never do until she had had at least two more orgasms. She glanced back at Marta and made a suggestion. Marta chuckled, and moved her left foot out from under his nutsack.

The stretching Greta had done on Matt's sac allowed his balls to slide all the way down, resting on the soft carpet between his legs. Patty and Marta looked at each other and grinned as Marta rocked her heavy boot back on the heel. Greta grabbed Marta's hand as they allowed gravity to take its course, and Matt's balls rolled under the heavy lugged sole. She stroked his cock with her boot as Marta stepped down deliberately.

Matt couldn't see anything and was unable to prepare for the feeling of the heavy lugged sole squishing his tender testicles into the carpet. He felt the rubbery lugs mashing his nuts into new and unpleasant shapes, forcing them up into her sole. At the same time Greta stroked his cock with her boot. Her other boot was pressing into his face now, and Matt was able to look up and see her kissing Marta passionately, using his face as leverage. That was when his cock erupted, spraying his face and her boots. The girls never noticed, continuing to fondle and kiss each other until Patty had to pull over and frig herself furiously into another orgasm. As the vehicle rolled to a stop, Peggy opened her eyes, still half drugged.

"Are we there yet?" Patty gasped, "Oh, yeah, we're there."

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