Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sporting Chance

By Cyrpent

Note: this story was inspired by Ms. Tiptoe.

Note to Ms. Tiptoe: I made some minor changes based on your suggestions; check it out!

I came out of the gym hardly soaked; I hadn't even needed a shower. The routine just wasn't giving me the workout I needed. And Lars and Dmitri really did need to rest now and then; they (unlike me) were wasting away. I was going to have to find another answer. As I walked by the counter, cheerfully ignoring the pleasantly vacuous young girl wishing me a good day, I stopped to get a candy bar from the gedunk machine. While I waited for it to drop I noticed one of the splashy posters in the lobby. I had forgotten that one of the perks of membership was a discount at the sporting goods store, and they were having a sale. Hmm... if I could just... I hurried out to my car.

It took me a bit longer to get to the store due to the long line at the drive-through, and then I had to stop and rinse a drip of ketchup out of my spandex leotard. So I wasn't in the fairest of moods when I got there. I walked in and was greeted by the smell of leather, nauseating muzak and a big lunk named Hi, My Name Is Gus who looked like he could use a bit of a workout himself. He reminded me of Penn Gillette, but a bit saggier.

"Can I help you," he stammered, eyes downcast.

"We'll have to see, won't we?" I quipped. "I need something more than the gym can give me."

"We have a nice line of home exercise equipment," he offered hopefully.

"No, I already have an exercise bike at home," I replied. "But I guess I don't have the right build to get the most out of it. The seat's a bit uncomfortable," I added. I glanced at him; he was definitely trying hard to look like he wasn't staring at my legs. I quickly raised one knee up to my waist level, getting just a bit close to his pleated crotch. I was rewarded with a slight gasp.

"See this?" I said, gripping my thigh in both hands. "I want to firm it up." His crotch was already firming up. His voice cracked a bit as he suggested that I try roller blades. Not a bad idea... plenty of sidewalks at home, and there was the added bonus of velocity mingled with men. And if I could kick with a skate strapped to my foot, just think what I could do without... I started to feel that warm fuzzy feeling as part of my brain went off on a familiar tangent.

"Lead on, McGus," I chortled, nearly stepping on his heels as he moved not quite quickly enough to the skates. I pointed out a pair of skates and gave him my size, then sat down to wait. After a moment he knelt in front of me with a box in his arms. Ah, the pleasures of shopping! I could smell myself, the sweat from the workout mingling with cheeseburger and more than a little musk as I contemplated the multiple, er, benefits of inline skating. His slacks rode up as he removed all the packing material from the skates, giving me a clear target. I finally realized that Gus was taking more time than necessary to unlace my shoe. I looked down to where he knelt in front of me and noticed that he was staring, not at my legs, but at my feet. I slowly dragged my other foot under the chair and was rewarded by seeing his gaze dragged right along with it as if his gaze were a piece of toilet paper stuck to my sole. His cock seemed to be attached to my foot, sliding down his thigh in those loose slacks as if it were tied to a string. Not a bad idea, but... I leaned forward.

"Is there a problem?" I said, a bit more sharply and a bit closer to his ear than he was expecting.

Gus jumped. "No, no, uh, no, ma'am," he stuttered. As he tore at the tangled laces of my right sneaker, I lifted the left one and brought it down on his thigh.

"Are you sure? You were looking at my shoes," I pressed.

He turned bright red. "They're beautiful, ma'am." My workout shoes? He finally got the laces untangled and pulled the shoe off, and I moved my foot from his thigh to the floor between his knees. His cock was fully extended now. He held up the skate and with a bit of trouble, I worked my foot in. As he laced it up, I tapped the floor with the other shoe, which seemed to distract him even more. He finished and sat back on his haunches and I tentatively rolled the skate back and forth.

"How does it feel?" he asked, looking up at me. So much like a helpless little puppy dog... I couldn't resist. Watching his eyes, I rocked my sneakered foot back on the heel, bringing the hard toe into his crotch. I saw a tear form in his eye as his nuts crunched into his pelvis. I rocked my foot and rolled the skate back and forth a few times, setting up a rhythm with both feet.

"It feels really good," I admitted. I let his balls drop down and pulled my foot back, and he kind of grunted and sighed.

"Hey," I said, and he looked up at me. "You're having way too much fun," I said, holding his gaze as the thick sole of my shoe came down on the head of his cock, which was down along his thigh. He moaned. I rolled the skate back and forth between his jutting knees, right up into his crotch. I felt his balls ride up the top of the skate until they ran into the vertical ankle section.

"Oops," I said. I rolled my foot back. And rolled it forward again, a bit harder. "Oops!" I said again. "Um... they're a bit slippery." Sure they were. I could tell by the way he was bending that although he was in some agony, he was also harder than ever.

"What about the other one?" I asked, a bit impatiently. He couldn't look me in the eye. But as he pulled out the other skate, his attention was diverted from me for the first time. The skate was another right.

"Um... it's... I'll be right back," he gulped, standing up awkwardly. I noted with satisfaction that he was carrying the box right in front of his crotch as he dodged customers on his way to the little curtain. I looked at my trainers in a new light; this was the first time anyone had ever been drawn to them in that special way. Well, it was fitting; these fancy aero-rubber-pumps had cost more than a lot of my other, more traditional pumps. I chuckled softly at the word "traditional." Then I realized that Gus had put my other shoe in that box! I suddenly thought I'd better see what was holding Gus up.

I limped/skated back to the curtain, slipping behind it quietly. The smells of new plastic, leather and rubber were as overpowering as a new Jaguar. I looked at the rows and rows of footwear and silently admired Gus for finding a vocation so close to his, er, heart. I heard a suspicious erratic breathing and looked into a small room. There was a shoe-fitting stool in the center of the room - the kind with a small ramp in the front. The ramp was facing me. Gus was kneeling on one side of the stool and my missing shoe was placed on the stool like an offering on a tiny altar. His slacks were around his ankles and he was rubbing his cock over the sneaker on the stool. His eyes were closed as he neared his climax, and the dreadful muzak was louder and tinnier in the small room, so he hadn't noticed my presence yet. He definitely did notice, however, when I reached down and pulled his arm, causing him to let go of his cock. It jutted out over the little stool for a second before I stepped down on it, trapping it between my shoes.

"So that's where my other shoe got to! I hadn't realized just how much you liked them," I smiled. I stepped back down a few times, testing my weight, pinning his hard cock against the cold stool. The dark purple head jutted out on the far side, glistening with a drop of precum. I removed my foot and his cock sprang up, slapping his belly. Still holding his arm, I reached down and retrieved my other shoe, then pulled him forward until his balls were above the stool.

"Spread your knees... wider..... wider... a little more... okay," I coached him until his nads were low enough to rest flat on the stool's worn leather cushion. I placed my skated foot on the little ramp. He stiffened, and this time it was all over his body. He looked up at me with silently pleading eyes... and I smiled sweetly down at him. I felt a bit like Evel Knievel as my skate rolled up the ramp. Gus gasped when the four wheels bumped rather squishily over his balls, for all the world like a miniature speed bump. The hard rubber flattened his sac as I backed up and rolled over them, again and again. The tears were streaming down his face as his balls were being rolled over. His shaft stood straight up and the skate scratched the underside of his cock with each pass, bending it right and left until he suddenly moaned and spurted. I leaned the skate into his pulsing dick so that the spray shot up onto his chest and belly.

"No need to wrap them," I said as I picked up my other shoe and the matching skate.

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Anonymous said...

Great story! That shoe salesman had better watch out for us ladies who know their secrets. You hold their gaze for just three extra seconds as you cross your leg slowly and dangle your warm, bare foot just under their noses, asking for the next larger size.