Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'll Bust Your Balls

by Suzy

Hi! My name is Suzy, although some guys call me "SuzyBallbuster" because I have been known to go for the nuts. I am 23 years old with a perfect body that I keep in shape by going to the gym every day. I have dark hair and green eyes and I am very pretty. I can have any guy I want and I usually date big strong guys that I meet at the gym.

I am the meanest cockteaser you ever saw and my teasing has gotten me in situations that require me to go for a guy’s balls to get away from a frustrated, horny, aggressive male. I love to get a guy hard and keep him hard till his nuts ache for release. I love the power I have over you guys- it's so easy to get you going!!! All I have to do is cross and uncross my legs or dangle my shoes and I'll have any guy that I am with hard. But I always go further and really get my dates really horny so that they have they have the worst case of blue balls that they ever had.

Take Mike for instance. He is a 6'2", 24-year-old guy with muscles on muscles. We went out the other night for the first, and last, time. When he picked me up he could not take his eyes off my legs- my black miniskirt and sexy black high heels made my legs look absolutely incredible. When he opened the door for me, I brushed against his cock as I got in the car and allowed him to see that I was not wearing panties as I gave him a leg show that had his eyes bugging.

As we drove, I got close to him and put my hand right on his pants over his balls and pressed down hard enough that Mike gasped. I kept my hand on his balls until the tent in his pants told me that he was ready to be teased to the worst case of blue balls. He was stunned at my aggressiveness. I then adjusted his cock so that it pointed towards his stomach and was flat. In that position, I could run my hands up and down the sensitive side of his cock. I rubbed his cock until it started to quiver as if nearing an orgasm- and then I would stop. I brought him to the brink many times.

Mike pulled over into a gas station because he couldn't drive while I was doing this and I refused to stop. I told him, "I am sorry, but I want you to be extremely horny all night so that you will treat me right,” squeezing his balls a little harder for emphasis. He got the point- and he was horny.

All night long, in the restaurant, in the car and at a dance club, I played with his cock and balls with my hand, leg or foot. At the end of the night, while we were on the dance floor dancing to a slow song, he grabbed me kind of hard and he whispered in my ear that he was so horny for me that his balls hurt real bad- almost as bad as if he were kicked in the balls- and that he wanted me to "take care of it."

I looked at him and brought my knee up into his balls very gently and told him, "I hope you do have the worst case of blue balls known to man but I can assure you that were my knee to drive up into your balls like this really hard you would not be able to even describe the pain you are feeling. You would be crying and rolling around on the floor.”

Like a typical male, he looked at me as if a little girl like me could never hurt a big strong guy like him. Well, I really did not want to knee him right there on the dance floor without having some more fun teasing him. I replaced my knee with my hand and held his balls firmly and looked him in the eye and said, "Listen, let's go to your place and have some fun- I won't let you have intercourse with me but if you behave you will have a really nice orgasm before this night is over- and if you don't behave I'll hurt you real bad.” As I uttered the words "real bad", I squeezed his balls hard enough to make him catch his breath and beg me to let go of his nuts. I did- after another 30 seconds of the same squeeze, enough to give him a taste of what I could do.

When I released his nuts, he grabbed me hard and said, "Look bitch, don't ever do that again or I'll beat the shit out of you!!” This is what I don't understand about you guys- you really think that you can overpower a girl and not worry about being hit in the balls. I just had him by the balls and I hurt him enough for him to know that I could hurt him really bad if I wanted to; but the second I let go of his nuts, he thinks he can grab me and threaten me and that I can't hurt him anymore. Are you guys really that stupid? I was tempted to kick him right there but I wanted to have more fun teasing and tormenting Mike before I finished him off.

So then, we go back to his place and he is acting really aggressive. I guess the fact that I am sucking or playing with his cock and balls so that it is hard as a rock gets him going. I pay extra attention to his nuts and squeeze and suck and play with them for hours. I had him going really good.

At one point, he was laying on top of me as we were both naked and his erection was rubbing against my thigh- and my thigh was pressing hard against his balls. He told me that he could no longer take this teasing and that he had to cum. I looked at his face and realized that I had to end it then or he would lose it. So I looked at him sweetly, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thank you for a wonderful evening- I am really tired. Can you take me home now?"

He looked at me in anger and started begging me to give him relief. I said no and told him that if he did not get off me he would feel sorry. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back and told me that I was going to fuck him "or else". That's when I nodded as if I was going to cooperate.

I relaxed and waited for the right moment to knee him in the balls as hard as I could. He screamed and grabbed his balls and was rolling and crying on the floor. I know it hurts more if the testicles are excited sexually when they are kicked. Mike was hurting really badly. But I knew that soon he would get up and attack me as if I were unable to hurt him again.

As he was getting up, and still holding his nuts and moaning, Mike's roommate Jerry came home and asked what was going on. He saw us both naked and Mike holding his nuts and moaning. I looked at him and realized that I would now have to fight two big strong males. I knew I had to take Jerry out first. So I walked over to him, still naked, smiled and grabbed his cock through his pants.

Mike was screaming for Jerry to "get that bitch- she kneed me in the nuts." Jerry looked at me with a confused look, enjoying the sensation in his groin from my playing with his cock. Before he could figure things out, I squeezed his balls as hard as I could until he slumped to the floor and passed out from the pain. I then turned to Mike and waited for my chance.

He came at me as if he was going to hurt me with his right fist while still holding his balls with his left hand. I just stepped aside from his weak punch and kicked him in the stomach real hard. He bent over and then I kicked him in the face. When he grabbed his face with both hands, I grabbed his balls and squeezed until he was crying. But no matter how hard I squeezed, he didn't pass out. He just cried more and started hitting me. I never had a problem squeezing a guy into passing out from the pain in his groin. I knew I had to do something before Jerry came to and I tried to get away from Mike and run to the door. He caught me from behind and had me frightened with the chokehold he had around my neck. I had only one choice- to knee him as hard as I could. I kneed him hard repeatedly- the hardest I ever kneed a guy. He finally passed out and I got out of there real quick, leaving two weightlifters on the ground, holding their balls, knowing that a superior female destroyed their nuts.

Well, this is my most recent encounter. I started teasing and kicking balls when I was 16- but that's another story for another day. Have any of you guys ever been teased really bad and then kicked in the balls by a beautiful girl like me? Or do you guys think that you could overpower me so that I could not hurt your balls?


George said...

Yeah right!!!
All this bullshit is just your fantasy you mean bitch.Okay if my hands and legs are tied and you have powerful legs then it MAY HURT a little. But since you are a girl I will easily win by just grabbing your hair, pulling your bra out and pinching you tight! HAHAHA.....
As far as your teasing is concernt I don't think you can really give me blue balls coz i have good control.
you are just a weak slut thats all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. I would kick you in the cunt and you would be hurting as well. Crying for your mommy and wanting to press charges for assault. haha

Anonymous said...

Never read such a mean story......what a BITCH you are!!
I hope I never meet you... Aah my balls already hurt Suzy!

Anonymous said... know thats gonna get really badly hurt one see you think you have power over us....but you dont, your weak as fuck if go for the nuts, and plus im not tempted by beutiful women. and saying that you can over power us is perrty much stupid....its like saying i can overpower you with a gun... but take the gun away and what do have....a scared defenceless little bitch. good story tho

Anonymous said...

Oh girls stop threatening us and making us feel so weak alright. They only hurt if they are hit hard which u girls aren't capable of hitting. Yes we are tempted by hot girls but only if they are really hot and know how to tempt us...if I were to fight you and you are not allowed to hit my balls imagine what would happen to you....haha weak bitches.

Anonymous said...

hey suzy i think i could take you if you think you can kick my ass email me at

Anonymous said...

U know what I think that this is a man with a ballbusting fetish who wrote this story!

Anonymous said...

And if a woman wrote this story then I approve and accept she is superior! Coz u know I want a girlfriend! If a man wrote this story then fuck you!

X8G7 said...

This story is amazing! I wish I knew a girl like you, I would so let you do all of this to me. This story got me so hard rock and left with blue balls. Please respond, I would like to chat with you more.