Saturday, August 11, 2007

The New Mannequin

By Wizard

Pieter trounced across the floor of the loading bay and stood hands on hips eyeing the new mannequins being unloaded from the truck. He loved the traditional, hard, slim store mannequins with their cool, smooth skin and their androgynous faces. He humphed as he took in the new dolls, with their soft female curves, and feminine faces. Their full lips seemed to be smiling at him, and realistic eyes twinkled from the harsh overhead lights. He was shocked as the wrappers covering their bodies were stripped off. He didn’t approve, though the delivery crew were thoroughly enjoying their task because these dummies were beautiful! And they had soft warm skin, perky breasts with real-looking nipples, even a darker inverted triangle between the legs.

Pieter thought them ugly, but like all stores, they had to move with the fashions, and “real women” were in. Glamorized for sure, but much more realistic and earthy than the cold hard traditional types. One of the unloaders was fondling the breasts of a mannequin, much to his and his mate’s amusement and Pieter’s disgust. He turned away and suddenly heard a scream of pain! The breast fondler was rolling on the floor holding his crotch. Pieter lost all patience, assuming these two were larking about, and he ordered them to complete their unloading. They guy on the floor was all red-faced and keep gasping and pointing to the mannequin. Pieter turned and, just for a moment, it seemed as if she was smiling. Then he shook his head sadly and sauntered off, dismissing these dismal male lechers and awful female dolls.

Pieter laid the clothes down carefully and stared at the mannequin. She really was very realistic. She had no pubic hair, but as he looked closer at the bottom of the inverted, painted triangle, it seemed as if… He became aware that a crowd was gathering. Boys, laughing and pointing at the naked female. I’d better get it dressed, Pieter realized. Quickly he pulled on panties, much to the disappointment of his audience. Then he started on the bra. This was trickier, as he had no practice in real life, and this new doll felt so different. He got it fastened, but it was all crooked, so he reached round the front to adjust the fit of the soft breasts into the bra cups. His hands closed over the breasts and started squeezing and shaking them into place.

A sudden pain shot into Pieter’s testicles! Bending over in pain he angrily swung around, but no one was there! He looked out the window to see schoolboys laughing raucously until the store manager appeared and shooed them on. He glared at Pieter, still in shock from his sudden pain-in-the-balls and turned back to the doll. It sure seemed like she was smiling at him. The little bitch!

Pieter slapped her hard across the cheek and suddenly her right foot shot out in a beautiful front kick to his groin! He sank to his knees in shock as a broad smile came and went on the doll’s face. When his breathing had slowed again, he got slowly to his feet, staring at the doll curiously. The doll stood there. Again Pieter checked behind him for someone playing a joke. But hadn’t he seen the doll kick?? He warily came to face the doll again. It stood there. He called it names. He decided he was being quite ridiculous. How could a doll kick him? He straightened the bra straps on her shoulder and ran his hands down her back to her buttocks to check the panty fit. He was fondling her bum quite nicely when – BAMM! Her knee shot up into his unprotected, still sore balls, crushing them into his body! He bent over gasping, and she gently held his head in her hands, lifted him up, kissed him on the lips… and promptly kneed him again! He doubled over, so she spun him around and viciously kicked his balls from behind, her metal and plastic leg smashing his delicate plums and dropping him. Pieter already didn’t like girls. Now he wouldn’t even like fake ones!

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