Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Stepmother

By sag

Linda was an 18-year-old girl who lived with her stepmother since she was a little girl. She was always encouraged by her stepmother to participate in sports and better herself every day for one thing: To play with men and beat them. She was doing a great job so far. The secret was learnt from Lila. Go for the testicles, they are so soft and vulnerable, taught Lila to her stepdaughter when she was only 11.

She liked to wrestle with boys in her age and beat them up in that particular way. Even if she didn’t need to grab the balls she would grab them and yank so hard that the poor boy would become unconscious and hit the ground. She always picked the right moment to do that, whenever she was real close to her opponent. In that way no one actually saw it and the poor boy was too ashamed to mention it after the match.

One day, some boys whose balls were busted by her gathered and decided to teach her a lesson. They surprised her in a dark alley after the school. There were four of them and Linda was with her friend Kathy. One of the boys said that he was going to beat them up and rape both of them. The girls tried to escape but the boys caught them.

Suddenly Linda said, “Now Kathy, like my mom and I taught you.” Both girls went down, rotated their bodies and freed themselves from the boys’ grips. They were on the ground now so they raised their little fists and smashed both guys’ testicles against their bodies. It sounded very bad, like something popping inside. They shouted in pain. Their hands went to their groin in pain and both fell down.

“Two down, two to go,” said Linda. The girls were wearing the dress code of their high school, mini-skirts and pantyhose. The two other boys covered their balls with one hand and tried to fight with the other, but it was no use. Linda grabbed his hand and punched him several times in the face. He held his bleeding nose and both his hands were covering his face. Suddenly, Linda jumped into the air with one leg and brought the other up, kicking him directly in the balls with her pointy shoe. She held her foot there for a moment. He let out a scream like a girl, holding his nuts and jumping up and down.

She punched him in the face again and sat down on his face when he hit the ground. He was still holding his aching balls from the fight with Linda. Soon his breath went short so he tried to use his hands to remove Linda’s ass from his face. She was wearing pantyhose and there was no way for him to breathe through. As soon as his hands went toward her ass, she made him cry with a karate chop on his balls and grabbed them, squeezing hard and pulling them up.

“Hey Kathy, are you done back there?” said Linda. Kathy was successfully removing the other boy’s hand from his groin and was pulling and twisting his testicles with her soft silky hands. He went down screaming in pain and she followed him down. Finally, she let go when he was unconscious.

“Ok, I am done,” said Kathy.

“ Me too,” replied Linda. Two guys were unconscious and the two others were crying in pain holding their damaged balls in their hands. On the way out of the alley, the girls kicked them in the balls again when they were down. Now all of them were unconscious.

“Girls four, guys minus eight,” said Linda.

“Yeah, it was like the Hollywood movies where women bust bad guys’ balls. I want to do it again,” said Kathy. The girls called the police and they came and picked up all the boys. The guys’ testicles were all red and swollen, but there was no permanent damage a female doctor informed the girls.

She told the guys, “No sex for you guys for a long time. And girls, you did them pretty good. You’ll have to teach me that some day. I have some business with my boyfriend to finish with.” The cops brought the girls to the office for a full report. Linda asked if they could have a lady cop question them and the police accepted. The lady cop’s name was Tiffany, Linda’s neighbor.

“Hi sweetie. I have seen your work on those poor boys and your mom should be proud. Now let’s finish the formalities and get you out of here. I bet you have a lot to tell your mom.”

“Oh yes I do. You should have seen their faces when I smashed their manhood against their bodies.”

“Oh, don’t skip on the details. Just this, did they plan on raping you?”

Linda thought about it for a second and said, “No, they were just upset, because they were beaten up by me before and wanted to get revenge.” Linda knew if she told the police they were planning on raping them they’d lock them up and she would never have the chance to kick them between the legs again.

She told Tiff the whole story and Kathy helped her on the details. Tiff was wet under her tight jeans and pantyhose. Her hand went down her thigh for a moment but then quickly back on the table. The police let the girls go home and Linda couldn’t wait to tell the whole story to Lila. Lila was thrilled when she heard about the fight.

“Ok, honey. Now that you had your first serious fight with the boys, it is time to tell you my first ball busting night,” said Lila. “I was 19 and I lived with my mom. She was a self-defense teacher for women. Considering the time she was in, women didn’t take self-defense seriously and thought beating up a man was impossible. Feminist groups were supporting my mom and they brought women to self-defense classes. My mom and her colleagues trained me. We had a lot of practice. Those days, lots of men came there to stop us from what we were doing. Guess what happened to them when they wouldn’t leave peacefully?”

“Once, three punks entered our gym and one of them grabbed me and rubbed his erect penis against my ass. I was wearing tights and leotards so I was safe from being raped. I sat down and threw my punch as hard as I could, smashing his testicles against his body. I bet he was never hit in the balls. He held his balls in pain and cried like a girl and sank down to the ground. My mom and two other students attacked the two others. My mom kicked him in the balls so hard that he threw up. The two other girls grabbed the other guy’s hands and pulled his arms wide open then with their feet dragged his legs apart and kicked him hard in the balls from behind.”

“Another time was when you were five and I wanted to give you a ride to the playground. Suddenly a big ugly bum blocked my way to the car and wanted to get my purse. I told him to go away or else. He said, ‘What are you gonna do? Slap me in the face?’ I was wearing a skirt with pantyhose and high heels. I ran toward him, grabbing the ends of my skirt and pulling it up to my waist so that my leg could move freely. He was dazzled to see my legs and ass in pantyhose. I brought my foot up and kicked him hard in the balls. He jumped up in pain, screaming. Then I called the cops. A lady cop was in the area. Guess who? Yes. Tiff our neighbor. She called the station and said that everything was under control and there was a mistake. Then she explained to me that this guy lived across the street and he had bothered several women who were without husbands in the area for the past month. A women’s resistance group wanted to teach him a lesson. Tiff dragged him to the car and I sat in the back with him. He recovered from my kick and attacked me again. He grabbed my thigh in pantyhose. Suddenly it felt good, but I wouldn’t let a jerk have his way with me. Tiff was watching us in her mirror.”

“Okay Lila, you know what to do,” said Tiff.

“All right buster. You like grabbing things. I like grabbing things too,” I told him and grabbed his testicles, squeezed and yanked. He couldn’t believe that I used my silky soft hands to teach him a lesson. I guess he thought I could only kick. I squeezed even more. His eyes were about to explode, like his balls. They were big so I used both hands to make him faint. We reached the women’s resistance headquarters, which was out of town. They held the guy there and gave him the same treatment that I did. That was when your grandma and I joined. Now tonight at your 18th birthday we are going there.”

Lila asked her to dress formally. Finally, at exactly 8 o’clock they arrived at a house outside town. It looked kind of scary. There were very high walls and several security cameras on them. There were no windows without a thick cover on them. It was like everybody went away for the holidays. They entered the hall. There were several women, young and middle aged, standing there with several other young girls. All were dressed formally in pantyhose and mini-skirts. They all welcomed Linda and Lila. Linda noticed a flag that had a sign of a man being kicked in the balls by a muscular woman. She smiled. Finally, she was among the women who enjoy beating up men.

The party began like any other birthday. They drank champagne and ate cake. Men in tights and pantyhose were serving all the goods. Their penises and testicles were showing. Once in a while girls couldn’t control themselves and kicked them in the nuts. Their targets were showing very good and they couldn’t resist it. Linda and Lila got in a few good shots and made them cry. There was a fat lady who wore stirrup tights and pantyhose. She grabbed both legs of one of the unfortunate men and set him on his back on the ground. Then she targeted and landed on his testicles with her knee. He lost consciousness. All the women cheered. They had a great time.

Finally, it was 2 am and everybody was about to leave. On their way out Lila said, “Honey, did you have a great time?”

“Yeah, mom. It was fantastic. Now I know my place in the man’s world. Standing on their nuts. But there is a guy in our school. He is so cute. He gets better grades than me and is better in sports too. I wanted to teach him a lesson, but I like him and want to be with him. What should I choose mom? His love or his balls?”

“I say both. You can have him around and have his balls. He would still come back to you. I can help you in that matter. Just have him over a couple of times,” said Lila.

To be continued.


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