Friday, August 10, 2007

Nicky On The Train

by Nicky Jones

I was traveling on a train from Manchester to London when I noticed a guy looking at my feet and shoes. I was wearing a strappy number and my pink toenails were acting like little radio beacons sending signals to this guy's dick.

"Excuse me," I said to him. "Could you help me a moment?” He looked a little embarrassed but managed to answer:

"er, sure... what is it you want?"

"Well first you can start by telling me your name"

"It's Mike"

"Well Mike, my names Nicky. I've got a problem with my shoe strap - do you think you could loosen it for me” Mike was down there like a shot.

"Er, what is the problem exactly?”

"The strap is rubbing a little on my toe. Do you think you could soften the leather a little by licking between it and my foot?” Mike froze for a second. It was a rather unorthodox request, after all. Mike looked up from where he was kneeling at my feet. I gave my sexy look at him and said quietly "Pleeeeassse?” Mike needed no further encouragement. He was down there sticking his tongue under the straps. Now I had him. I picked up the paper and ignored him. He stopped licking.

"Mike - please keep licking, it feels really nice"

"But what if anyone comes through the carriage and sees me?"

"I'll tell them you're licking my feet" I paused momentarily

"There's more for you Mike if you let somebody see you down there” Mike looked puzzled but before he could speak the ticket collector arrived. Mike moved to get up but I stepped on his head and forced him down onto the carriage floor.

"Tickets please...Sir?” The collector didn't know how to respond.

"Mike, you can stop licking the dirt from my shoes now. The nice man has come to collect your ticket. Why not kiss his shoe on your way up?” Mike uttered something that sounded like a refusal. I press my shoe heel into his cheek.

"Mike, I need you to do this for me” Mike debased himself and kissed the collector's shoe. We showed our tickets and the collector left. Mike was not pleased but I see some pre-cum had oozed its way through his trousers. Now the fun could really begin.

"I'm sorry about that Mike.... but I'll make it up to you. Come to the toilet with me” The two of us made our way to the tiny toilet cubicle. There's barely enough room for one let alone two. Mike was pressed close against me. He could smell my perfume... feel my big tits pressed against his chest... I felt down with my hand to feel his cock. He was ready. Suddenly I kneed him straight in the balls. Direct hit! Mike gasped but couldn't double over because there's no room in there. Whack! I kneed his balls again

"Get your fucking head out of my tits!" I screamed at him. Whack, Whack, Whack. Three quick knees again. Now Mike found a way to slink to the floor. His legs just gave way underneath him. I slipped of my shoes and stood on his head. They where quite sweaty and I could easily slip and slide over his face.

"You pathetic foot licker. I own you now Mike. You'll be my very own toe-sucking, piss drinking sissy"

"please... it was just a fantasy. I never wanted anything like this to become real"

"Too late Mike. I saw you eyeing my feet, wishing you could give them a tongue bath. Now you have your wish” I fished around in my handbag and produced a lipstick. Kneeing down in the cramped space I smeared the lipstick around his lips and on his teeth and then around his eyes!

"You're now Coco - The Toe-Sucking Clown"

"Suck 'em Coco. Suck my toes really hard like your balls depended on it... because they do. I'm going to hurt them again Mike before I leave you. But you can decide whether I knee them once more or twice" Mike twisted his head round in the uncomfortable confines of the toilet cubicle and started sucking on my toes. I started to play with myself and brought myself off almost instantly

"Enough already Coco. This is for my enjoyment - not yours." I opened the toilet door and stepped into the carriageway.

"Oh! I almost forgot..."I swiftly kick him in the face with my bare feet. His hands went up to his face, exposing his balls. Whack, Whack - twice in the balls. I coughed up some spit and spat on his face as I left. "You never sucked 'em good enough, Mike. You need more practice took my business card from my purse and rammed it into his mouth. I had a feeling Mike would be keeping in touch.

The telephone rang.

"Hello, Nicky" I answered. No reply

"Hello?" - still no reply. I hung up. The telephone rang again. This time somebody spoke...

" hi, it's Mike... from the train?"

“Mike? Mike is dead...don't you mean Coco? Coco the Toe-Sucking Clown?”

"er... I suppose so"

"Don't suppose so Coco. If you want what you desire you'll have to earn the privilege and the pleasure"

"yes. I am Coco"

"Ok, come up to my office" After 30 minutes or so my secretary buzzed to say I had a visitor. Carol was used to wankers like Mike appearing at the office. We had a little agreement, you see. I kept Mike waiting for about 40 minutes. Each time he asked if I was free or if I knew he had arrived, Carol got more snappy with her replies until it became too awkward for Mike to ask. Then I opened the door and asked Carol to lead him in. To Mike's surprise, Carol grabbed the bottom of his tie and literally lead him in!

"Here he is Nicky. He became impatient and rude..."

"I never..." Mike tried to reply meekly. I nodded at Carol. She turned to Mike and stood close to him, looking into his eyes. WHACK! Right in the balls with her knee. Mike began to slump over but I rushed around and held him up... Long enough for Carol to plunge another vicious knee into his balls. WHACK! WHACK! Before Mike could recover, we'd removed his trousers and trusted up his balls with Sellotape. His bollocks were now out on stalks! We got our typing correction fluid and painting a target on his balls - nice white and yellow concentric circles. I pulled his arms behind his back and Sellotaped his hands together. Then, I had a stroke of genius. I took a handful of mini-bull-dog clips and attached them to his lips so that it was now painful but also impossible for him to close his mouth. Within a very short while Mike was dribbling like a baby - unable to suck up his own saliva.

"Look at yourself Coco! - You're a dribbling, ball-aching mess - a pathetic excuse for a creature” Carol quickly dashed to her desk and returned with the Polaroid camera. Snap. Snap.

"A nice few shots for the family album!" Carol shrieked. We were loving this.

"Ok, Mike, before we put your tongue to work, I want you to beg me to really hurt your balls"


"Oh, Mike, you don’t speak so well with your lips like that!"

"Pleashhssee... let me go..."

"Oh, can't do that Coco. You came here looking for humiliation and you've found it." I was wearing very high heels that were cut away at the side so that my instep and the top of my toes was showing. I stood right up against Mike's face.

"Now Coco... without fucking dribbling on my shoes, beg me to really hurt your balls." Mike's eyes darted over my feet. I could see his face all confused and frightened. I could tell he was a normally shy guy but somehow he'd plucked up the courage to face me. To debase himself and become the object of scorn and ridicule...


"Pleashsse hurt me, Nicky"

"Ok, Coco, I will” I walked to his balls-on-a-stalk and stepped slowly onto them. Gradually I increased the pressure on his balls until he began to scream quite loudly.

"Are you asking me to stop Coco? Can you hear his Carol?” Carol knelt down close to his dribbling face and pretended to listen closely as though he was uttering a dying breath

"I can't hear anything," she said laughing. I increased the pressure until I now almost had my full weight on his balls. Carol was now slapping his face and shouting

"Speak to me... Speak to me” Mike was screaming like hell. I decided to halt this frivolity but not before I kicked his balls with the point of my shoe. Wallop. Direct hit.

"Help me drag him over to beneath my desk, Carol" The two of us dragged him underneath the table. I sat down and took off my shoes. I pushed on the bulldog clips a little to make sure Mike was still hurting and then removed them.

"You'll need all that slobber Coco” I put my feet onto his face and began to grind my soles into his nose. Occasionally I forced a toe into his mouth or pushed hard on his eyes... or pushed hard on his throat so that it became difficult to breathe.

"What will you do with him, Nicky?" asked Carol

"Well... I've not decided yet. I'll let him suck the nail varnish from my toes first. Then maybe I'll knee his balls some more. Maybe we can staple his sack to the desk?!"

"I'd like to kick him while he's down like that. Maybe force him to eat the contents of yesterday's waste bin?"

"No... another time...” We untied our guest, cut holes in his trousers and then threw him out into the alley. I knelt down and gentle stroked Mike's face. "Come back Mike. We need each other. I like to hurt you and you need to be hurt” I kissed him gently and just as he started to respond I bit his lip until I could taste his blood. I spat it at him and cut some hair from his head.

"Remember the Polaroids Coco... I want you back. Call me"

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