Friday, August 10, 2007

The Secretary and the Security Guard

by philco

Rick loved his job as a security officer. He worked straight days in a posh downtown office building that housed government files. He could pretty much call his own shots. Supervision was minimal. Effectively, he was the law. He had to do hourly patrols and note them in a logbook, but his duties were few. The best thing about his job: A never ending stream of attractive, shapely women passed by him each day on their way to and from work. Rick had to adjourn to the men's room every so often to adjust himself, due to the heavy and very sexy female traffic. Nevertheless, he was a diligent guard and took his job seriously.

Late one afternoon, Rick was at his post, when a gorgeous blonde woman in her late 30's came rushing up to him. The woman did not work in the building and simply wanted to use the pay phone. She wore a tight pink turtleneck and a long black skirt with dual slits, which revealed some seriously toned legs. Rick must have been in a trance or something but he didn't answer the woman when she asked him where the pay phone was. He stuttered and stammered and finally told her he would have to frisk her if she entered the building. She was not amused, but it was raining heavily outside and she didn't want to flag a cab in the pouring rain, so she yielded to the demand.

Rick asked her to put her hands up and stand facing the wall. She complied. He took his time, using both hands to feel her up and down not once, but twice. The second time around he placed both hands on her large, firm tits and squeezed them tightly.

The woman balked and said, "Hey what the hell are you doing?”

Rick responded, "Quiet lady. I am doing my job." The burly, young security officer was enjoying, but clearly abusing his power.

The woman shot back, "Is it your job to touch a woman improperly?"

Rick barked, "Yes it is lady. You might have a weapon. This is a government building and I have orders to search everyone thoroughly." He quickly wrapped up his search. Her defiance had spooked him. He let her proceed to the phone. She called her cab and exited hastily.

Leaving, she looked at Rick and said, "Thanks asshole…”

The guard smirked and replied, "All in a day's work lady."

Rick didn't think twice about his unethical behavior. To him, it was about power. In his job, he had it, and when he could get a cheap thrill, he would. However, the violated woman did think twice. On the cab ride home she plotted revenge. She felt shame and humiliation. The guard had demeaned her and he would have to pay. She thought about a Lorena Bobbitt type act, but that would be too extreme. Upon arriving home the woman was still upset. Her 19-year-old daughter had just come home too. The girl was a 19-year-old college frosh, a real heartbreaker, just like her mom.

"What is the matter, Mom," the girl asked. The woman vented, and told her daughter all about the unpleasant encounter with the security guard. The good daughter listened sympathetically, hanging on her mother's every word. When the woman finished telling the story, the girl said, "Mom, I'll take care of him."

The mother asked, "What are you going to do?"

The daughter replied, "Mom, the female frosh at the college were all asked to take a refresher self-defense course, it being a new school year and all. There are a lot of strange men around campus and the administration wants the girls to know how to defend themselves, just in case. You should have seen some of the stuff they taught us!"

Mom grinned. "Interesting,” she said.

The woman and her daughter then hashed out a plan of revenge. Early the next morning, they paid Rick a little visit. Mom was a beautician by trade. Daughter didn't need help in the looks department. She had inherited plenty, but Mom aided in glossing her up to make her look a little older than her tender 19 years. Both of them were beautiful, California blondes.

They entered the building separately. Mom wore a hat and sunglasses to avoid being seen by Rick. She was there because she wanted to watch the guard get his comeuppance. Accordingly, she stayed in the background. Daughter wore a trenchcoat even though it was a sunny, but still very early morning. Traffic in the building was light but there was Rick, the dutiful guard, alert and at his post. He was reading the morning paper. His candidate was ahead in the polls; his team had clinched a playoff spot the night before. Life was good.

Wearing the trenchcoat, and a lovely chapeau, the daughter approached the guard. She explained she was a secretary, it was her first day, and she wanted to know where the file room was located. Rick looked up from his paper and was stunned. He was hypnotized by the girl's ocean blue eyes, her flowing blonde locks and her seeming innocence. He pointed to the closet and told her she could hang her hat and coat there. As she removed them and placed them in the closet, Rick ogled her the whole time. This girl was a complete knockout. She had on a provocative short sleeved ivory blouse, with two buttons undone. She was not wearing a bra. She was also wearing a tight black, silk mini-skirt with ivory stockings and high-heels. About 5'7" and a fit 120 lbs., the girl was a hottie. She totally captivated the unsuspecting security officer.

As the girl approached the guard, she intentionally dropped her purse. She was directly in front of Rick when she did this. Bending down to retrieve the purse, the girl knew the guard was checking out her taut cleavage.

After her ruse, she asked the guard, "Where to…”

Rick rose from his chair and said, "Follow me. It is just down this hall.” The corridor was vacant at this early hour. Rick escorted the lovely lass to the file room. It occurred to him that he didn't inquire about the girl's credentials and he asked her for identification. She explained it was her first day and the boss said her photo i.d. would be taken at lunchtime. The guard was okay with her answer. He then told her she would have to be frisked.

The girl was ready for this and flirtatiously said, "Hmmm, I have always wanted to be frisked by a man in uniform," and she ran her perfectly French manicured hand down his tie. Rick could not believe his ears. This beauty was game. Too bad it was early and not late. He could not possibly get away with any shenanigans this early. But he couldn't help himself; her nipples distracted him. They were too inviting. He could see them protruding clearly through her top. Meanwhile, mom had furtively trailed the guard and her daughter and was hiding nearby.

Rick positioned the girl facing the wall and began to feel her up and down, just as he done to her mom. She smelled great. He licked his lips silently as he felt her nipples. Only this time, he stopped and placed his evil hands around the girl's waist.

He told her, "I'll play the lion; you play the lioness.” The girl went along. This both surprised and intrigued Rick. He was expecting her to balk, as most other women had. This girl was different. She quickly spun and was now facing Rick. They were standing about two feet apart. She batted her eyes at him a few times, rubbed her hands seductively under her amazing breasts, and smiled a seductive smile. Without warning the girl unleashed a full force snapkick that smoked Rick's testicles. He dropped to the floor like a lead balloon.

"you fucking bitch,” he said in an agonized whisper. The girl walked right up to him and kicked him again, this time in the side of the head. The guard slumped, his will broken. But the girl was not finished.

Revenge was sweet, thought the daughter, as she slowly circled the prone guard. She giggled and wiggled, and smiled down at Rick. He looked up at her for mercy and noticed white panties under her black skirt. Her high heels made a sound that, funny enough, maintained Rick's erection. After a minute or so, she signaled to mom to come get her kicks in on the jerk who had violated her only a day earlier. Mom dropped her disguise and the trenchcoat she was wearing. She gleefully transformed herself from spectator to participant. Underneath, she had on an orange bikini and white heels. Mom had a killer body, just like her daughter. From there, the woman hoofed Rick in the balls three times as he lay on the floor. She enjoyed the ball-kicking hat trick and took her time in administering the kicks. Still, she was not satisfied, nor was her gorgeous daughter.

"Get him on his feet," ordered mom. Together, they propped the rag doll guard on to his feet and pressed him against the wall. Mom commanded her daughter to continue their little self-defense seminar. The daughter happily obliged. She put but her beautiful hands on Rick's shoulders and started French kissing the guard.

Mom asked, "What are you doing?”

Daughter responded, "I have to revive him a bit mom or he won't feel the pain as much." Sounds reasonable, thought mom. Daughter necked with the almost unconscious guard until he came around. The moment he did, the girl grabbed the shoulder straps on Rick's uniform, and kneed him hard right in the balls. Again, the guard dropped to his knees like dead weight. For a moment, the girl's hands got caught in the straps as Rick buckled in front of her. She chipped two of her fingernails and was not pleased. She stepped back to get a good look at her target. The girl then kneed Rick square, right in the forehead. Rick was almost out.

"Mom, they call that knee to the power of two," said the girl.

The enlightened mother said, "Oh... Nice,” Mother and daughter were careful not to make noise or draw blood as they worked the guard over. They did not wish to arouse suspicion, nor did they want to clean up any mess. Rick was definitely woozy. He may have had a concussion. The girl had kneed him full force in the forehead with her ivory stockinged knee. Still, he was not out cold. The pair of beauties just gazed at the asshole, and repeatedly taunted him with his own words.

Over and over, they whispered, "All in a day's work." The daughter became bored with this and fanned out her nails, fixated on the two she had chipped. Rick looked like he was ready for bed.

"Mom, I have one more self-defense tip for you but we need to get this jerk on his feet,” said the girl. Mom and daughter lifted Rick, who could barely stand or open his eyes. Again they placed him against the wall. The girl grabbed the guard, again by the shoulders, and kneed him sharply in the balls.

Mom said, "Honey, you showed me that already.”

Daughter answered, "I know… but I didn't show you this, yet.” With Rick doubled over, his equilibrium shot to shit, the girl cupped her hand and cracked Rick right on the side of the neck with a wicked karate chop. Rick was done. He had been KO'd by this young 'thang'. Mom was pleased. The plan was executed with cunning precision. It had only taken a few minutes to comatose the security guard. And it was cathartic fun.

The daughter asked her mother, "What do we do now?"

Mom said, "Let's drag him into the closet and tie him up.” And they did just that, muzzling the unconscious guard with duct tape after tying his hands and legs.

Rick the security guard would not come to for roughly two hours. When staff found him, he had a lot of explaining to do. He also was walking funny for days afterward and complained of recurring headaches. He was not fired, but he never abused his authority again.

As mom and daughter emerged from the closet where they had stored Rick, the morning staff began filing in. Mom was a little embarrassed being that she was only in a bikini but the male staff didn't seem to mind. The woman smiled at one gentleman as she retrieved her coat. The girl grabbed her coat and the devastating duo exited the building.

As they left, mom wondered to her daughter about the effectiveness of the karate chop.

"I thought that only happened in the movies,” said mom.

The daughter laughed and said, "Yeah, that's what I thought too, but our instructor said if you hit a man right at the side/back of the neck and do it with proper leverage, you can knock a man out, but you get the angle by kneeing the guy first. Always start with the knee. Forget diamonds, mom; a woman's knee is her best friend.”

Mom listened attentively and said, "Yes, and in this case, the guard's testicles proved to be his own worst enemy. Maybe I'll try it out on your father if he gets too frisky.” The daughter laughed. She knew mom was joking. Then mom called out, "Taxi!”

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