Friday, August 10, 2007

Of Love and Bust

By NJ BB-Lover

This is a story about to 17-year-old that fight over which sex is tougher! It is actually a boyfriend and girlfriend love story, but you'll have to read to understand the whole deal. In this story no balls get crushed or splatted, just kicked and kneed.

It was just a regular day for me. I'm at my girlfriend Sway's house chillin' and we were watching Dark Angel (but I was busy staring at her beautiful bare feet), that is until she says to me, "Damn, Jessica Alba can kick some ass! DAMN, if she can beat up that many men at once, I'm sure I can beat up a man with my hands tied behind my back."

Then I said to her, "Yeah iight! It's a TV show. It's just acting; get over yourself."

"I bet I can fuck you up,” says Sway.

So I pushed her and began to laugh as she almost fell over.

"Bitch!" said Sway, as she pushes me back. I then approached her and grabbed her arms but she managed to escape and run, until I caught her. I then grabbed her arms and leaned her against the wall.

"Ooooo," she said all sarcastically scared. "What are you gonna do?" She then gave me a mean look, so I kneed her in the gut and kept the deadlock grip on her arms. She seemed like she couldn't breathe. Normally I'd feel bad but she asked for it.

"What now, bitch!?" I said while she was in pain. She then struck the toes of her foot and slammed them into my nutsack and pushed me off her. I let out a moan and bent over in pain.

"Fucker," said Sway.

"Bitch, you'll never make me submit!" said I while struggling to stand. She then kneed me dead center in my ballsack. I then dropped to my knees and screamed like scorpions were attacking my face. "I'm not done yet hoe!"

Calling her a "hoe" really pissed her off. First, she pushed me to my back by pushing my face with her bare foot. That made my penis really hard; knowing that the foot I been fantasizing about was on my face. She then pulled my pants and boxers off, pointed my erect penis in the air and STOMPED right down hard on my balls. I let out such a scream, a scream of death, and I actually felt my eyes bulge out my sockets. "I will never submit you weak bitch!"

She then pinned me down and quickly brought her knee up through my legs to my ballbag. Now I felt a tear drop from my eye, feeling like giving up but I screamed, "I wont give up! Hell NO! You might have me down but I will NOT submit BITCH!"

Then she looks at me with another mean look, says, "fuck" and began to kiss me while rubbing my balls. At this moment, I started to think, "Well maybe she realized that we men won’t give up, no matter what kind of torture we are given.” Then all of a sudden, like three minutes into our making out, she knees me hard in the balls, only this was the most painful knee/kick/etc. I have ever felt to my balls

Now I started to feel lightheaded, screamed like a bitch and started crying, "FUCK NO BITCH!” She then got up and lightly pressed the heel of her foot against my balls and started bouncing it up and down and her toes were rubbing against my boner. I was in the most pain of my life. I then felt like my dick was about to explode when all a sudden I started to cum.

My first shot landed on her foot, and then she pulled away and screamed, "EWWW, that’s gross, cumming on my feet! You better find a way to clean that off.” I was thinking of getting a paper towel, but I could barely crawl, so I told her I couldn't move but she said, "Then you’d better lick it off!"

"HELL NO!" I said to her.

Then she gives me the most sadistic look and said "If you don’t like your cum off my foot right now, I'm gonna make sure you can never have sex or have a kid." I started to think and I actually want to have kids in the future, so I crawled to her feet.

I looked up at her and she said, "Start licking FUCKER!" I started to think about how much I wanted to lick her feet, suck her toes, etc. However, this is NOT the way I pictured it. Then I started licking my own cum off her foot. GOD, the cum made it taste nasty as hell, so I started to spit it on my pants (which she took off me earlier).

"Keep licking till it’s all gone, otherwise you'll never be able to fuck me!" So I licked until I got it all off. She then got me some mouthwash and a cup to get that taste out my mouth. She then said, "I think you’ve had enough. I'll just make out with you and massage your balls until you’re better."

But since I'm so stubborn I said, "You’re just chickening out." BIG MISTAKE.

"WHAT THE FUCK! ARE YOU CRAZY?" said Sway. She spreads my legs apart and kicked my beaten balls at least ten times straight without stopping. Then she kicked them two more times.

"This one will teach you a lesson,” said Sway. She held my legs apart and JUMPED on my balls with both her feet.

I screamed louder then groupies at an N'Sync show and started screaming, "OK, OK, I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT!" She looked at me bent down in front of me. I was scared; I thought she was gonna knee my balls.

She just put them in her hands, felt around and said, "You’re lucky you gave up when you did, you woulda had no more balls if you didn't submit."

She gave me some bottled water and said, "I'm sorry I had to hurt you, but you were kinda asking for it."

I looked up and said with no energy, "No, I'm sorry."

I kept screaming like a bitch and I was out of water so she said to me, "Would you like to suck my toes?" while placing the foot that I didn't cum on in my face. I couldn't even answer so for the next hour and a half, my dream came true; I was sucking on her delicious tasting toes. She was talking to me, saying that she'd never do something like that to me again.

Finally, I got up and we made a deal. If Sway ever started a male vs. female argument with me, I get to torture her tits for thirty minutes and if I ever start, she gets to torture my balls for thirty minutes. Then we started making out. We stopped and I told her, "There's no way in hell I can walk home feelin’ like this" so she was nice and allowed me to sleep with her for the night. So basically, we lived happily ever after.

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