Friday, August 10, 2007

Sonny Gets More Than He Bargained For

by nutcracker sweet

Here's a little something to help you take your mind off of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

It has been so long that I've shared any real life ballbusting experiences with y'all, but here goes. (I can feel my face flush just thinking about what I'm about to tell y'all.)

Always one to test the limits of a man's endurance and threshold for pain in the pursuit of finding that metaphysical plain where pain and pleasure dwell together in orgiastic bliss and being horny as usual, I ravished Sonny the other day. And while on top of him, riding him with the wanton abandon of a drunken barrel racer, I had him spread his legs just a wee bit. I was able tell by the feel of his testicles and other body language that he was on the verge of ejaculating so I raised up and slammed a knee into his balls!

My timing must have been impeccable because when I did, his whole body convulsed, shuddered, his knees trembled, he bucked, yelped and his testicles spewed forth his manly juices with some force - and quite copiously too! His throbbing cock pulsed like it had a life of its own and Sonny laughed giddily - when he wasn't gasping for air or crying my name! I sat alongside him, wide-eyed and stroking his cock while he enjoyed what he claimed was the most intense orgasm of his life!

He was like a man possessed!

He claimed that we had finally found that perfect combination of pleasure and pain and that even though his balls were sore, the intensity of the orgasm was well worth it. He wanted to revisit that place where the wall between agony and ecstasy was torn down.

Hesitant at first (yeah, right), I finally relented and we hopped into the sack for some more dirty lovin'.

With his legs spread and electricity in his eyes he had me mount him again and ride him to the brink of another explosive orgasm, when he cried out for me to slam his nuts again. So I did, grinding his nuts between my knee and his body!

Only this time there was no pleasure, just pain! The intense, crippling, gut wrenching pain that a man knows when his most sensitive orbs have been brutalized!

So... I reckon timing IS everything!

I must admit that I did relish seeing him suffer, curled into a ball and clutching himself. It's that power that turns me on! YUM!

There it is (I blush), pretty low-key compared to our fantasies but it is the real deal.

Later gator,

Nutcracker Sweet

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