Friday, August 10, 2007

Shay Wrestling Her Boyfriend's Nuts

by Mainvein

I've had a strange problem lately. My boyfriend likes to wrestle alot, and he's always wrestling me. I kinda like it, but I don't like losing, and I always do. I realized that most of the time he cheats. He'll tickle me, distract me, put me in illegal moves, even grab my chest just to pin me. So I've decided I'm not going to play fair anymore.

The idea came to me when I was talking to my friend. A beautiful blonde by the name of Denise. She was telling me a story about her and her boyfriend play fighting. "We were in my living room," she began "and he put me in a head lock. At first I went along, trying to get free, when he grabbed one of my tits. I got so pissed off I took my fist and rammed it right into his balls. I felt them get crushed in his pants. He fell down holding his nuts yelling, 'Ow my balls, you crushed my balls.' I laughed for a long time and told him I'd crush his nuts if he ever tried that a again." When she was done with that story I knew just what to do to my boyfriend, crush his nuts.

We got together that night, me and Todd, my boyfriend. As usual we got into a conversation about wrestling.

"I'll beat just like I always do," he boasted.

"Yea right, I'll kick your ass," I rebutted.

" How?" he said.

"I have a new strategy." At that point I stood up and took off my shoes and planted my bare feet into the carpet. He stood up and charged. He was simply going to tackle me; I had other plans. I went for his knees and grabbed the back of his legs and pulled. He fell on his back with his legs spread, and me standing in-between them. This was too perfect. I took my foot and stomped it on his nuts. He screamed and struggled to get out from under my foot. I ground my foot into his balls; at first both of them were getting crushed under my heel then his right nut slipped out and I had my weight on his left one. As my foot pulverized his nut I revealed my plan.

"Since you always fight unfair I going to do the same. But instead I going to crush your balls, you won't have any nuts left when I'm through with you. It must suck being a guy, huh?" I took my foot off. He rolled around on the ground for a little while saying "my balls, my balls" under his breath. I looked at him and laughed.

"How do your nuts feel?" I taunted. He finally stood up. He looked a little mad, but mostly exhausted from my ball stomping.

"I'm gonna kill you," he yelled. "I can't believe you kicked me in the nuts."

I smiled playfully and said, "You better get used to it, cause from now on I kick balls!" With that I used my barefoot to punctuate my statement and lightly and playfully kicked him in the balls. I felt them move around in his pants. It was exhilarating. He bent over at the waist.

"Oh, you're dead," he exclaimed and came at me and tried to grab me. Once again I dodged it and ducked. I looked up and couldn't believe the set-up I had. While I was down on one knee he was standing with his legs spread and my face was right in front of his crotch. I balled up my fist to meet his balls. I gave him an uppercut from hell. I felt like doing it again and again, so I did. I loved the way his nuts flew around in his pants like two pinballs. In-between each punch I began to taunt him in the voice of a sports announcer.

"Oww, A perfect shot right to the balls! He won’t survive this one." I playfully asked, "Are your balls alright?" At this point I decided he had enough and let him slump down on the ground. "You’re such a baby, I only punched you in the nuts a few times." I loved taunting him. With that I left to go get a glass of water. Beating someone's testicles really wears you out.

When I returned later he had sat back down on the couch still covering his balls.

"I can't believe you did that, I am in so much pain. I feel like my nuts are going to fall off," he complained.

I started to feel sorry for him so I sat down next to him and said, "I didn't mean to beat your balls that bad." Just then he grabbed my legs and dragged me to the floor. I was caught off-guard so I couldn't strike back. He jumped on top of me to pin me and I decided to fight back. I moved my hand between his legs and down his pants. I wrapped my fingers around his swollen nuts and squeezed.

"I got you by the balls," I said. He cried out but it didn't make me stop. I suddenly remembered a threat a my friend Denise told many of our male friends "Grab, twist, and pull!" Obviously she was referring to their nuts. Every man who heard that cringed in fear of his nuts being subjected to some serious pain. Could you imagine that being done to your balls? As my hand slowly wraps around your nuts you become scared of what it will feel like when I squeeze. At first I go slow feeling how soft your balls are, then I increase the pressure. Slowly I begin to twist. Your right nut folds over the left one. I look into your eyes as if to say, "your nuts are mine." At that point I pull towards me. Your balls are tight in your scrotum and I can feel them being crushed. That would hurt. Thinking of this I began to pull down his fly and remove his pants with my other hand.

"Please let go!" he pleaded. I ignored him and began to twist the naked balls which were being crushed in my hand.

"How does it feel to have your nuts twisted?" I asked. He couldn't answer. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a set of balls and have them being twisted. It must hurt, but since I don't know, I might as well pull on his. As I did his back arched and he yelped. I love the fact that guys have balls, I love the fact that I can twist them and pull on them and he can't do anything about it. After a short period of torture he passed out. I stood up and spread his legs. I played with his balls with my feet. They were so soft and squishy. I placed my foot under his nuts and lifted them up, feeling their weight. I then removed my foot quickly to let them fall and bounce slightly on the floor. I couldn't wait, so I kicked his bare nuts with the ball of my foot one last time. They felt firm, with a soft smooth covering. Like two grapes in a velvet sack.

I love balls.

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