Friday, August 10, 2007

Real Life Friday Night Adventure

by Monique_vB

Last Friday night, I went out with two friends. We went to a bar in the city. There was a guy who constantly was bothering us. He pushed himself up to us. He wanted us to have free drinks from him, but we didn't like to socialize with the guy, because we wanted to have a nice evening with the three of us. But he kept on coming back. He also touched our bodies. He couldn't keep his hands to himself. He laid his hand on our thighs and one of my friends was touched by him on her breasts. We asked him several times to leave us alone and we told him we weren't interested in him. But he didn't understand us. At a certain moment I thought: "Now you are mine, and I will make you curl up for us girls in complete agony". I got of my chair and I moved in his direction. He smiled at me.

I asked him, "Ok, mister, tell me: what is your problem?"

He kept on smiling and he said, "I just want to have some fun with you girls; you seem so nice." I was standing very close to him already, and I moved my right leg carefully between his legs, and I did it in a way that he didn't notice me doing it. I smiled back to him.

I said, "So you think we are nice huh?" and simultaneously I brought up my right knee AS QUICKLY AND AS HARD AS I COULD. It was a PERFECT hit! I got his balls fully and HARD!!! The result was BREATHTAKING! Not just for us girls watching the fun, but FOR HIM AS WELL!!!! :-)

The first few milliseconds his face turned from smiling to an expression of "not understanding" and "being astonished and shocked" His face showed an emotion like "this can't be true". But almost immediately after those few milliseconds... his face turned to ABSOLUTE TERROR! He closed his eyes, and his face looked as if he was in some killing spasms. He bent down, while bringing his elbows in his belly. He screamed out a sound like, "OOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHRRRR" He kept on making these kinds of sounds. A few seconds later, he fell down on the floor, and he curled up, while still pushing his elbows in his belly. The reactions of the other present persons were great. Of course my friends GIGGLED... But other women and even men were laughing as well!

Some girl I don't know came to me and said, "This was exactly what this asshole needed... He has been annoying us as well. Thanks for doing this to him. I hope the pain he is suffering right now in his dirty balls will learn him to leave us alone from now on." The guy kept on making moaning sounds, and I noticed he was in real bad ball pain!

Well, I'm always getting very aroused myself by these kind of things. If I disable a man by doing him in the nuts... this is a big turn on for me. I know it's bad, but... it's just the way it is... But I always have to take care though, not to show this to my friends, because they would possibly not understand that I'm actually get a sexual kick by doing these things. But I think my friends liked what I did. They laughed and they giggled at him. One of them said to him: "Now tell me... do you still think we are nice? You can't be thinking that anymore... you seem to suffer a serious pain in your balls. She got you well, didn't she?" The guy didn't reply; he was in too much pain.

This technique of moving the right leg a bit between the victim’s legs before kneeing him has proved to be most effective more than once! This way of performing the attack makes sure his both balls are hit very well. 'They can't escape this way. And the powerful upward pressure of the knee flattens his balls for just a little but VERY agonizing moment against the lower side of his own body. I'm always amazed again to see HOW VERY DRAMATIC the effect of a well-addressed knee in a males groin is!

The guy laid down for another few minutes, while moaning. Then he slowly got up and he left the place while still bending down a bit and while still holding his elbows in his belly. He wasn't able to walk smoothly. He seemed to be a bit crippled... He didn't dare to look in our direction. He was too embarrassed while he had been kneed in the balls by a woman in front of other woman and men.

We all giggled when he left...

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