Sunday, August 12, 2007


by unknown

Anissa couldn't stand her stepbrother Eric. He was a horny 18-year-old with no life. Whenever her cheerleading friends came over, Eric would stand around leering at them. The girls didn't mind, as it gave them the chance to 'accidentally' kick him in the balls. Eric would wander in, staring at the bouncing breasts of the cheerleaders, and he would inevitably wander to close and a cheerleader’s foot would land in his groin. The girls would have a good laugh as Eric lay on the ground clutching his sore balls. Anissa was growing tired of Eric though. He was constantly trying to spy on her and jerking off. So, she and her friend Kristen came up with a plan to get rid of him...

"Hi Eric." Eric looked up from the TV to see Kristen standing before him topless. Her large, full breasts jiggled slightly as she walked over to him. He stood up, eyes locked on her breasts.


"I take it you like my tits?" she said. Eric nodded his head. Kristen reached out and took his hands, placing them on her breasts.

"That better?" she asked. Eric nodded again. Kristen reached down and unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the floor and fondled his dangling balls. She grabbed a hold of his hands and looked into his eyes, smiling.

"Tell me how this feels." she said, and rammed her knee into his balls. Eric groaned and bent over. He tried to cover his balls with his hands, but Kristen kept a tight grip on them. She laughed as she kneed him again. She rammed her knee into his injured balls a third time and he crumpled to his knees, too weak to struggle anymore. Kristen drew back her foot and slammed it into his balls and then let go of his hands. Eric curled up into a ball, whimpering and moaning.

"Well, Eric, it was good for me, how about you?" she laughed. Anissa walked in from the hallway where she had been watching. She stood over Eric, smiling down at him.

"Tsk, Tsk, Eric. I can't believe you tried to rape Kristen,” said Anissa.

"Yeah Eric, it's too bad I had to bust your balls in self-defense." said Kristen. Eric could only moan in response. The girls started giggling.

"Your nuts are ours. When we're done witth your little balsies, there won't be much left of them. And when we say it was all in self-defense, no one will question our story. All our friends will back will tell how you're always leering at us, and even my mom will tell what a sick pervert you are!"

Eric started crying. "Please, no..."

Kristen grabbed his nutsack and gave it a squeeze. "Quit whining."

"You know Kristen, I think he really wants his balls busted. All those times we kicked him before, even an idiot like Eric had to figure out it wasn't on accident. A kick to the nuts is probably the only action he's ever gotten."

"Which nut do you want Anissa?" asked Kristen.

"Hmmm, I'll take the right one. You better hold him." Kristen grabbed Eric's hands and held them out of the way. He struggled briefly, but he was still too weak to resist. Anissa pulled a pair of pliers out of her pocket. She grabbed his nutsack and squeezed his right nut into the bottom of the sack, isolating it. Eric was whimpering and begging her to stop.

"Oh shut up! It's not like were ever going to have sex, you pathetic loser! This is the only way you would ever give a woman any pleasure." Anissa clamped the pliers on Eric's nut. "Here goes!" She slowly started squeezing down. The ball was tightly outlined in the sack. She could see it start to flatten from the pressure. Eric's eyes were bugging out and he started screaming a thin, high-pitched scream. She squeezed the handles of the pliers as hard as she could and his ball popped. Eric's whole body spasmed and he passed out. She could see the remains of his ball squish out from between the jaws of the pliers. She squeezed the pulpy remains. Anissa reached between her own legs. The crotch of her panties was soaked.

"God that was great! I just had an orgasm!" Anissa and Kristen switched places. Anissa slapped her stepbrother awake. Kristen knelt between Eric's legs. She leaned forward and sucked his remaining nut into her mouth. She swished it around, feeling it with her tongue. She started chewing on it, squeezing it between her molars and letting it squirt out of the way at the last minute. Each time her teeth closed down on his nut, Eric's body twitched. Finally, she tired of playing with him, and positioned his ball between her molars. She reached between her legs and started fingering her pussy. She looked up at Eric as he gazed down at her in horror. Kristen chomped down hard, crushing his ball. As it popped it squirted out from between her teeth. She chomped down again and again, grinding the remains of Eric's manhood into a squishy mess. She spit pulpy mess out of her mouth, moaning in ecstasy as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her. After a few minutes, the girls got up and started to prepare things for when the police arrived...

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