Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aunt's Toe Sucking Escapades

by unknown

"Hi, Matt!" That's how it all started. My aunt said hello to me. God, she was hot. She was somewhat short, but had the firmest legs in the world. Perky breasts, great smile, and an excellent natural smelling perfumed scent coming from her from some part of her body. She was amazing. The part of her I found most amazing, however, were her feet. I couldn't believe how shapely they were. The most gorgeous arches, the perfect pedicure, and by God, I loved those black or tan nylons she wore every day.

Aunt Anna's feet were at the center of my attention constantly. I always wanted a sniff, just to smell that musty scent I hoped to find. Well, I was eleven years old. I'd hit puberty early and she was really driving me crazy. It didn't matter to me that she was family; I wanted to fuck between those arches no matter what stood in my way. I was spending the night out at her trailer out in the deserts of New Mexico. I'd done this many a time when I was younger. I had an attraction to her even at that age but when I was finally able to cum I knew I couldn't hold myself back from her this time. It was something like seven PM and it was starting to get dark out. She was fixing something to eat and still hadn't changed out of her "just-above-the-knee" skirt with a sexy long-sleeved blouse, black nylons, and Birkenstocks, which she'd worn all day.

Whatever Aunt Anna was cooking, it was hot. She had a bit of sweat, not dripping, but glistening on her brow. She looked awfully good. A bit of her long her was hanging across her face from the knot she had her hair pulled back into. An erection was pulsating in my pants. She was working so hard she didn't even notice my fascination with her. I leaned forward just as she finished cooking so as to hide my hard-on. She didn't notice. She put the plates down on the table, which I was already sitting at. We ate and I commented on how good the food was. She said, "Thank you!" in a sly sort of way as if she knew something I didn't. I was curious. We finished and she took the plates to a sink and dropped them in there.

We were talking about one of her dogs that she had with one blue eye and one brown eye. Actually, she was talking; I was daydreaming about those succulent feet under the table. Oh, I needed them. I NEEDED them! I couldn't hold back much longer. Aunt Anna stood up then. She said, "Well, I think we should get to bed", meaning that I would be on a small couch and she would be in her bedroom. Well, I couldn't stand for it. I dove from my chair to the ground, grabbing one of her legs, yanking off the Birkenstocks, and started to sniff and lick like a wild man. I now knew were that perfumed scent came from. It was her feet! It smelled so good! Her nylon-clad feet were drenched in my saliva by the time I realized what I'd been doing.

When I looked up at her, I was surprised to see not a shocked or a disgusted look, but a look of total ecstasy. "KEEP GOING!" she yelled. I intended to. I licked and started to pull her nylons off. She let me go on and do it. When I got the nylons off I began to suck between her toes. There was a slight scent of sweat between those toes, which drove me mad. She sat down on the couch and I continued to suck those toes, changing foot every thirty seconds or so. I was shocked when she started removing her panties. It was the first time I'd ever seen a vagina in my life. It was odd at first, but I was immediately interested by it. I went licking up her leg to her pussy. It smelled good. It smelled very good. I dove in, inexperienced as I was, giving it the old "college-boy" try. I guess she liked it because she started to moan. Right then I felt her feet wrap around my dick and balls. It felt so good. She started rubbing me away. Oh, man! I was going to cum right there when she all of a sudden removed her feet.

Just then I felt an explosion square in both of my testicles. The pain didn't hit me until a couple seconds later when my entire stomach felt like it locked up in a muscle cramp and my balls were screaming in agony. I was looking through tears at her pussy and looked up to see her with a big smile on her face. Wham!!! Again, this time with the left foot in the balls. I screeched and fell onto my back in a fetal position. My world was spinning, but I managed to hear what she was saying. "Poor Matt, you shouldn't have done that. Don't you know what happened to my husband?" I remembered when I was young hearing about the untimely demise of her husband Bob. As I recalled, he died in a car accident. That's what I was told, anyway. "Bob tried to suck my toes and lick my cunt, too. I really like to have my toes sucked, Matt. There's one thing I don't like, though. Men and little boys with small balls and cocks that think they can satisfy me. Bob couldn't satisfy me and I dealt with him accordingly. As soon as I felt those peanuts you call balls I knew they couldn't do a thing for me."

Oh, fuck! I couldn't believe this! My own aunt was degrading my! My own family! "Those little things you think are family jewels, they're not. They shouldn't even be allowed into the family. You know what you do with trash, don't you Matt?" I was still in a haze of pain and only answered with a moan. "We dispose of them!" With that she picked me up by the shoulders. I looked into her eyes. She still had a smile on her face. "Oh Matt, I love you! You know that! It's just that I can't stand to know that you have those little... things between your legs!" she said in a disgusted voice. I felt another explosion in my balls, with her feet yet again. "I don't want to put you through so much pain without at least giving you a bit of pleasure so I'll use my feet to take care of you! I know how much you love my perfect toes! My perfect arches! Aren't they gorgeous?"

As much pain as I was in I couldn't help but be turned on by those feet and I answered in a pain racked voice, "They're... so ... beautiful...” She smiled a big smile and gave me a kiss on the lips but with no tongue. "That's what I like to here. When I get through with you, maybe I'll allow you to be my foot cleaner, huh?" Before I could answer she swung her toes directly into my sac. "YAAAAA!!!" I screamed so loud that my head was ringing. I collapsed to the ground and she shoved her foot into my face. "Lick!" she commanded. I could do nothing but obey. I began to lick. It tasted so good. She pulled it away and I was a little bit blacked out by then. When I came to, I noticed Aunt Anna had put her nylons back on. She approached me and once again shoved her foot into my face. "Look at them. What do you see on the tip of the toe of the nylon?" I noticed slightly white... and red stains on there.

"WHAT DO YOU SEE!" she screamed. I stuttered, "St-St-Stains...” as the toes pointed at my nose. "Exactly. Do you know where those stains came from?" "B-B-B... Bob???" "Oh, very good! I'm so impressed! These are the remains of Bob's balls! Ha, ha, ha! And do you know what I'm going to do with these nylons?" "... What?" I said meekly. "I'm going to add to them!" With that last remark, she jabbed her heel down onto my left testicle. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I screamed as her heel dug mercilessly into my ball. Just as I felt as though I was going to lose half my manhood she let up. "Whoopsie! I'm sorry! I forgot! I need to use my toe, not my heel! How silly of me!" Crunch, down came her big toe which had a bit of a long nail on it right on my left ball. I screamed and screamed! I looked down just in time to see her toe rip through my ball and squish it to the ground, splattering blood and cum on the floor and her feet. I totally passed out right then.

When I awoke I was laid out across the door still. I looked forward and saw a sexy nylon clad leg in front of me. I looked up to see her playing with what was left of the membrane of my left testicle. I started to cry as the pain hit me. "Relax, hon. This will be over soon. HAHAHAH!!!" She popped the membrane into her mouth and began to chew. I was horrified! I looked down to see my right testicle hanging out of my sac. I was utterly devastated!! I couldn't believe the horror that had become my life. Crunch her toe landed directly on the testicle, shredding it in half. "YAAAA-gurgle gurgle" was all that escaped my lips as far as I can remember.

When I awoke, I was laying in a pen with her dogs outside in the nude. I was sewn up and cleaned. I began to sob knowing that I wasn't really a man anymore. I heard the top of the pen open and Aunt Anna had a plate of something. She dropped it down and said, "Care to split a Rocky Mountain Oyster with me? No? Alright, I guess I get it all!" And she chewed the two-halves of my right testicle. "Mmm, so good! You know, Matt, you might have had small balls, but they sure did taste good!" I fainted upon hearing those words. When I came to once again I was inside. Aunt Anna jammed her toes into my face. "Well, Matt, you got what you wanted! You have the honor of being my foot-cleaner! She shoved her feet into my face and I began to lick which has been the summary of my life for the past 6 years. I once saw a milk carton with my picture on it.

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